72 Years Ago Today.

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June 2, 1946 Carmen & Jane



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Walking along the beach
there is a fire
all I want to do is save the baritone sax.

Freshly cut grass…

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Freshly cut grass
The first of the season
Sends me back to 10 year old me
Playing with soldiers outside
Immersed in battle.

March 11

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Library overlooking a lake.

Twenty-seven years ago I sat in front of this building waiting for it to open. My first day of work at a new job. Benefits, health insurance, nice surroundings, a retirement plan, and free parking.

Promptly at 8:30 a middle aged woman with glasses, dark shorts and stockings, unlocked the door and as I approached she asked if I needed help. I told her this was my first day at work here and I needed directions to the area in the building where I was assigned. She said someone should have told me about the staff entrance behind the building, but she gladly directed me upstairs and to the right.

I had never worked in a place like this before. Grand but run down looking in 1991. I walked down a long hallway which needed paint and carpeting, kind of like entering a cave. Could I really work here? What have I gotten myself into?
Well this was much better than where I was and I didn’t have to stay here forever. Five or ten years max.

Twenty-seven years later I am looking at an ending but no final chapter yet.

We’ll just have to see.

February Birthdays

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February is our birthday month. Myself, my father, my brother, my youngest daughter, a niece, and my uncle Savy. Not to mention George Washington, Lincoln, my sister-in-law, many friends as well as Groundhog Day and Valentine’s Day. Often fiercely cold, this year has been mild with lots of rain. Forsythia has been sighted and I have already heard peepers under the Huguenot Bridge.

The photo above is of my father as a teenager sitting in his bedroom at the age of 15 or 16. He is holding an alto saxophone in his lap and you can see a baritone to his right and a clarinet in its stand in front of him while a 78 record player is behind him. He was born the year WWI ended and would have been 100 years old this year. My mother says he would not have wanted to get to be 100 as she is getting to know what that really means to a body.

3 Sisters

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My mother is the oldest of 3 sisters whose parents who were born in Sicily and immigrated to the US in the early part of the 20th Century. The family settled in Washington, DC not far from the capitol.

As young girls the 3 sisters, one in a stroller, would walk from their home on B Street in NE Washington, DC across Stanton Park, and go to the Stanton Theater. 10 cents each to see the cowboy movies and the other serials which were playing Saturday mornings.

The middle sister Rose passed away this week and now there are only 2 sisters. Sisters who shared a bedroom, shared a wedding dress, and shared a life together with their husbands and children. Now they are old and hanging on to each other, looking back on lives well lived, and wondering where all the time has gone.

Starting reading a new book…

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I knew I was in trouble when “glowering” was on page 8.

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