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No Rattlesnakes!

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Photo by Kozmicdogz - All rights reserved.

One of my favorite signs along the James River.

Alien Or Elephant?

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All Rights Reserved - Kozmicdogz

Look what has landed on the rooftop of a parking garage downtown.

Does this have anything to do with the return of Falling Skies?

Summer Is Here!

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Summer 2012 starts today June 20, 2012 at 7:09PM EST according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac!

And true to Mother Nature’s form it is the hottest day of the season so far!

Enjoy the extra day light as tomorrow the sun starts setting earlier.

Mystery Date

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From Pasture’s Facebook page!

Thanks to April for the heads up!

Body Worlds, The Original Exhibition

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Currently at the Science Museum of Virginia is the exhibit: Body Worlds. This exhibition by Gunther von Hagens‘ has over 200 human specimens including entire bodies, organs, and human systems. Von Hagens’ first Body Worlds exhibit was in 1995  in Japan and was met with much controversy, but now over 15 years later over 34 million people all over the world have come to see these bodies and organs on display.

“The Exhibit features twelve actual human bodies that have been preserved through the process of Plastination, guests are able to learn about human anatomy, physiology and health. Through this exhibition guests get a first-hand look at the complex nature of our physical composition and a better understanding of how diseases and negative lifestyle choices impact the body.

A display of the nervous system, to me was truly fascinating. To actually see the spinal cord! You can see the thyroid gland, and what a pair of human lungs look like from a smoker and non-smoker, inside a heart and skull. In come cases the muscles are pulled back so you can see bones and tendons. There was a lot of, “oh, that’s what it looks like” moments.

Looking at single organs one can begin to think that the body seems very simple and all makes sense, but then, it is truly amazing how everything works together. We walk, we talk, we move and grow.

It was not as creepy as I thought it would be and it was truly amazing and I can’t wait to go back.

The exhibit is on the ground floor of the Science Museum of Virginia. It is a separate admission price and will run through September.

Happy Father’s Day!

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My father in the early 1960s dressed out in his “Knights of Columbus” best.

Give your dad a call and tell him you love him.

Amy Crehore Images on Pinterest

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Exploring Pinterest I ran into images by Amy Crehore that Pinterest users have “pinned” of Amy’s paintings and ukes! Pinterest looks fun but it appears that one has to have a Facebook or Twitter account. I am just not sure I am ready, but I have started a Pinterest category on the link section in the right column of my blog.

Weather has been so incredibly beautiful these last few days, I am going to get out and enjoy it!!

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