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57 Years Ago Today ~ 1955

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Actor James Dean died in an automobile accident on September 30th 1955. He was speeding in his Porsche 550 Spyder on the way to Salinas, CA. At the time of his death only one of his 3 feature films had been seen by the general public, John Steinbeck’s film version of “East of Eden” directed by Elia Kazan (1955). “Rebel Without A Cause” (1955) directed by Nicholas Ray was to be released soon, and “Giant” (1956) had just been finished the week before.

With the release of “East of Eden” Dean was already a sensation. A new kind of hero, a heart throb for all the teenage girls and either a hero or competition to all of the teenaged boys.

Numerous books and more articles then can be counted have been written about James Dean, actor, movie star, cultural icon.

Dean would have been 80 years old next February.

Photo by Kozmicdogz, taken in Fairmont, Indiana, late 70s. All Rights Reserved, 2012.


River Monsters!

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by Kozmicdogz  © 2012

The James River – Up river from the Z Dam – by Kozmicdogz © 2012

Giant sturgeons have been spotted in the James River at the fall line. Although these giant fish have been known to swim up the river from the Atlantic Ocean by way of the Chesapeake Bay for many years, sightings have been rare and once were thought to be extinct. Ralph White and other river enthusiasts have seen the fish this year and been able to photograph them where they believe the fish have come to spawn. Those spotted were estimated to be over 6 feet. Sturgeons have been known to grow to up to fifteen feet.

More detail from a RTD article by Rex Springston and Andy Thompson.

Ugetsu @ VMFA, Friday September 28

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From our friends at the VMFA:

Ugetsu (Japan. 1953. 94 minutes. B&W. Subtitled.)

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Fri, Sep 28 | 6:30–9 pm

$8 ($5 VMFA members)

804.340.1405 or

Ugetsu (moon obscured by rainclouds,) helped propel director Kenji Mizoguchi and Japanese cinema to world prominence.  Ugetsu is set in the 16th century feudal era of shoguns. Two peasants abandon their wives and children to seek fame and fortune. One wants to be a samurai. The other, a potter, is bewitched by a mysterious lady of means who could be of the spirit world. This hauntingly beautiful film is a powerful testament to the illusory nature of happiness.

Following the screening, VMFA Resident Potter, Steven Glass, will offer insights on ceramics as one of the film’s central themes.

Presented in honor of the opening of VMFA’s East Asian Galleries.

Printer 32

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I was at work.

A group of contract typewriter repairmen dressed in blue were trying to find printer 32.

There was something wrong with printer 32.

I tried to tell them it was in the next wing and wasn’t here, but they didn’t want to believe me.

They said they would be back.

Last Day of the Summer

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Enjoy the last day of summer 2012.

Get ready for music, zombies, turkey, and the re-emergence of

the leaf cult, with their blowers and rakes and black plastic bags.

It is coming, it is almost here.

New Monkey Discovered

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We can always use new species on this planet and it is pretty exciting to discover a new species of monkey! The local population of course has known of this monkey for a long time, it just took a while for scientists to confirm it was a new species not yet detected.

Here are articles from CNN and the BBC.

43rd Street Festival – Sept 15th

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One of the city’s best neighborhood/art festivals. Art, music, food, and friends. Check out the Southside Farmer’s Market before hand then mosey on over to the festival. Make a day of it.

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