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Public Domain Review Book!

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Announcing the first in an annual release of essays from the Public Domain Review. “Selected Essays – The First Three Years: 2011-2013” is a collection of essays and amazing illustrations from the first three years of the Public Domain Review. The Public Domain Review is a project of Open Knowledge which features essays and illustrations from digitized public domain material and collections from around the world including beards, spiders, writers, and fish…among other things.

Something for everyone. It would make a great Christmas present.

InLight ~ 2014

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This year the InLight installation sponsored by 1708 Gallery will take place November 21st in Monroe Park. The exhibit will be from 7pm until midnight. It will be well worth braving the cold for this once a year event that has been taking place since 2008.

See you there.

Photos from 2010

Photos from 2011

Veterans Day ~ November 11, 2014

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This is one of my favorite photographs of my father. It was taken in Darwin,  Australia 1942. He was drafted before Pearl Harbor and shipped to Australia in March 1942 where he spent most of the war.

Remember to thank the veterans.

“St. Vincent”

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We went to see the new Bill Murray movie last night to avoid all of the election night coverage angst. “St. Vincent” directed by Ted Melfi was filmed in Brooklyn, NY. Murray plays Vincent, not much of a saint, who drinks, smokes, gambles too much, and drives a 1983 Chrylser LeBaron convertible that is falling apart. Melissa McCarthy along with her son Oliver (Jaeden Lieberher) move in next door interrupting Murray’s life. McCarthy thankfully has pulled back from her all out acting style in this film and portrays a newly single mother who is trying to cope.

Naomi Watts, plays a Russian call girl/dancer and friend of Murray’s and does an amazing job. Chris O’Dowd plays Oliver’s teacher at St.Patrick’s Catholic school. Just listening to him speak makes me laugh.

The Westhampton 2 Theatre audience was sparse on election night. I loved this movie, maybe predictable, but all the characters were real and put together to make a 21st century story that you will enjoy.

“The Poetry Deal” by Diane di Prima

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From Laurence Ferlinghetti’s City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco comes Volume No.5 of the “San Francisco Poet Laureate Series,” “The Poetry Deal” by poet Diane di Prima.

Di Prima’s 1971, “Revolutionary Letters” was one of the first books of poetry I ever bought.

It sits up there next to “Howl” and I still pull it off the shelf every now and again to read it.

This is the first full volume of poetry from this influential poet in decades.

Release date November 1,  2014.


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