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Freshly cut grass…

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Freshly cut grass
The first of the season
Sends me back to 10 year old me
Playing with soldiers outside
Immersed in battle.


Broad Street

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Driving home on a spring evening after visiting 2 cemeteries at sunset.


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Yesterday we found a racoon skull down at Rattlesnake Creek, and in the evening we could hear peepers all the way from the creek on our front porch.

Just before the rain started we saw pink buds on the azalea under the dog wood by the shed,

the same shed the dead pine fell on a few months back.

Spring can’t be far away.


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It’s here!

Photo taken Spring 2013 at Bryan Park.


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With all this rain and temperature fluctuation, spring can’t be far behind.

March 7, 2013

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Ok….it has been March for a week,

we have had our March snow storm,

so now we are really ready for spring.

For a special added attraction:
here is a photo of a train crossing the James River I took last Sunday.

March 1, 2013

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It is the first day of March. Meteorological spring.

There is a nice red fuzz on the trees that one can see while crossing the river.

It hasn’t been that cold of a winter here, but it certainly has been long and dark.

We are all looking for more light and warmer temperatures.

Change is in the air.

It is time to embrace it.

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