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Molly the dog.

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Molly the Dog, May 1998 ~ December 26, 2009

Time to put on the Santa Hat, it’s Christmas Eve.

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My favorite thing to do on Christmas Eve is to go to the church of the Byrd Theatre, sing Christmas Carols and watch Frank Capra’s “It’s A Wonderful Life.” I have done this numerous times over the past decade and it never gets old. It puts me in the holiday spirit.

Another good alternative this year or even after the Byrd is to go to Bogart’s to listen to Chez Roue’.

From it’s a wonderful life to what a wonderful world, I hope that we can come to some crazy compromise in this vita loca, stop fighting, and maybe try to work together.

I am going to spend some time writing on another project so see you in the new year!

Happy Holidays!

Snow, Snow, Snow….

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Photo by Tom Campagnoli

Sunrise ~ December 20, 2009

The sun rises over a snow covered Richmond, Va on a quiet Sunday morning before Christmas.

The Winter Solstice, the first day of winter is tomorrow, December 21st. Winter officially starts at 12:47pm on Monday.

Looks like winter arrived early this year. I hope it leaves a little early too.

The days begin to get longer starting this week. In the midst of all the snow, cold, and short days there is hope.

Spring is 3 months away beginning on March 20th at 1:32 pm.

In case you missed it, December 17th was the official celebration of the Roman feast, Saturnalia, to commemorate the dedication of the temple to the god Saturn, the god of agriculture, harvest, and justice.

Loversville (Buttercup all churned up)

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Two chances to see Loversville this week:

December 17 – 8pm Bottoms Up Pizza in the bottom.

December 19 – 8:30pm Grandpa Eddie’s Barbecue in the far west end.

“Heartbreak, drinking, and a little Lovin’ ”

What else do you need?

A Warming Influence….

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The Happy Lucky Combo @ Ellwoods

The Happy Lucky Combo played at Ellwoods Coffee shop last night. It was my first time there. A very nice place to listen to the HLC. It reminded me of the old Main Street Grill days.

Barry, Pippin, and Dave were joined by two young lovely ladies singing a couple of carols. A brisk evening warmed by lots of good friends and good music.

One local songstess said she wanted to take the combo home so she could listen to them all of the time!

Your next opportunity to see the Happy Lucky Combo will be on Wednesday, December 16th at O’Toole’s where there is rumour that lots of other musicians will be combining with the happy combo to create the Happy Lucky Big Band Combo.

I am Happy & Lucky!

A Coffee Combo!

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The Happy Lucky Combo will be drinking coffee at Ellwoods. Saturday from 7-9pm. Sounds like a good time!

Out of its’ Banks…

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The James River - February 2008

I drove down by the river this evening on my way home. The James is out of its’ banks. It is running fast and powerful.

It was already dark at 5:30 and a bit scary. At times it looked as if the river would over take the road. It was beautiful and inspired awe in me.

One tends to forget the power and force that nature is. Today felt like winter for the first time this year. You can’t keep it from coming and it’s coming now.

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