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Influencial Record Store Closes in NYC

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A great article about the closing of a New York institution, Bleecker Bob’s Golden Oldies by Kory Grow at A record store that helped shape the music and musicians over the past 40 years in NYC.

“Nobody would give us a lease. We’ve been in business 46 years and they don’t care. ‘Do you have a guarantor? Do you have this or that paper?’ The demise, if you want to blame it on somebody, is due to the landlords in the East Village [who are asking for too much in order to sign a lease]. Our current landlord would really prefer to have us here than have somebody new move in. But the people on the east side are out of their minds. I understand if somebody is starting a business who never had a business before, but that’s not our situation. The East Village landlords didn’t seem to give a damn.”

They are being squeezed out by money and a new world.  And so another record store bites the dust.

The article records the search for a new location and the influence it has had on music and the physical challenges its’ founder Bob Plotnik faces as his store takes its place in history. There are also lots of cool photos.

Thanks to Mike Garrett for the tip via FB.

Happy Earth Day!

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I remember  the first Earth Day back on April 22, 1970. Although there were world wide gatherings and demonstrations what I remember most is a big trash pick up around the high school. There is a photo in the year book at the end of the day of a friend lounging on top of a big pile of trash. The earth has changed in many ways since 1970. In some ways much better. The rivers are cleaner, we recycle and reuse more, but we produce so much more “stuff” and there are so many more people. The climate is warming and the ice caps are melting into the seas.

When I was growing up they used to warn us about the coming Megalopolis. A continuous stretch of development along the east coast  from Boston to Washington, DC.  They were forecasting one large urban region. The predictions came true but it is much wider and denser and now reaches just south of Fredericksburg, VA and coming your way.

Take care of the earth it is the only one we have.

Photo of the James River  © 2007 Kozmicdogz.


“The Projectionist”

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Photo © Kendall Messick

Photo © Kendall Messick

It has happened again, just like it does almost year about this time. The James River Film Festival has started, I planned to attend an event but when I got home from work I lay down and fell asleep. After 20 minutes I struggled to wake up and started to wonder if we should just stay home. Splashed some water on my face to gather myself, dressed and headed out the door still wondering if this was the right thing to do.

It was a beautiful evening, the Richmond skyline reflecting the setting sun and spring trees starting to bloom all over the city. On Broad Street we pulled right into a parking place just across the street from Candella Books + Gallery. I am still amazed that people say we have a parking problem. We entered the well lit and beautiful gallery where the opening event of the festival took place.

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James River Film Festival ~ April 11-17

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The 20th annual James River Film Festival brought to you by the James River Film Society starts today and runs through next Wednesday. The schedule and more information can be viewed here.

From the website:

The James River Film Festival, Virginia’s Festival for the Independent Minded, was founded in 1994 to offer an alternative to mainstream movie-going fare. Since the beginning, the festival has featured experimental, independent, avant-garde, foreign, cult, and classic art house films and has brought more than 130 nationally and internationally known filmmakers, musicians, critics, educators and artists to Richmond to present and discuss their work. The James River Film Festival is a programmed/curated festival vs. an invitational. James River Shorts is an annual juried invitational dedicated to short films (works 30 minutes or less in length) from around the world that best embody the James River Film Society’s dedication to the art of film and film as art.

Just another reason Richmond is a nice place to live.

Les Blank – Filmmaker

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Les Blank, documentary filmmaker passed away on Sunday at the age of 77. Blank may be best know for his 1982 film “Burden of Dreams” a film about the making of  Werner Herzog’s film Fitzcarraldo. Blank was the featured guest of the James River Film Festival in 2001 and some of my favorite’s are “Gap-Toothed Women,” and “Garlic is as Good as Ten Mothers.”

At Blank’s website there is a page of previews for all of his films, including the 1991 “Marc and Ann” about Cajun musicians Marc and Ann Savoy. Ann has her roots in Richmond.

Here is an article about Blank from the San Francisco Chronicle and an interview with Blank on the You Tube channel B.Y.O.D, Bring Your Own Documentary. 

Les Blank ~ November 27, 1935 – April 7, 2013

“Daily those who have inspired us pass away, I only hope that those being born today will one day be inspired by us.” ~ Kozmicdogz

They’re Coming!

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They’re Coming. The 17 year cicadas are coming this May. They will be popping out of the ground, falling from the trees, and filling the air with their call. I remember them well in Northern Virginia, the year I turned 17. They were everywhere.

Rex Springfield from the Richmond Times Dispatch has an article about our little friends. I can’t wait.

Cicada image is from Wikimedia Commons.


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With all this rain and temperature fluctuation, spring can’t be far behind.

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