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3 Mile Island Accident & Song

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The music blog “tapewrecks” written by Tom Quinn of Philadelphia posted numerous songs which were inspired by and reference nuclear power and especially the accident at the Three Mile Island plant in Pennsylvania 35 years ago in March 1979.

Lots of images, music, and personal recollections, check it out.



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It’s here!

Photo taken Spring 2013 at Bryan Park.

Oh Danny Boy!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Video by the Richmond Indigenous Gourd Orchestra.

A word about the snow…one of the largest snow storms I remember since moving to Richmond, Va was in March. I clearly remember riding my bicycle in the snow down Broad Street. But, this has got to be over, Spring starts for real on Thursday.

Springboard of Time

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This is the day.

Lose an hour.

Gain an hour.

Use it for better or worse.

Half of us are cranky,

Half  are all smiles.

“Yawn…I’m tired already.”

Look For This Soon – Paul Watson, “My Secret Effect”

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Photos from Paul’s performance February 27th at GlobeHopper.

Cover Art by Bill Altice ~ download the music

Sarah Hand @ Quirk

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One of our favorite people at one of our favorite galleries!

French Film Festival – 2014

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It’s March so in addition to thoughts of spring it is time to start thinking about the 22nd Annual French Film Festival will be held March 27-30, here in Richmond, Va. Showings at the Byrd Theatre.

The largest French film festival outside of France brings filmmakers and actors from France as well as fans and writers from all over the globe. They converge onto Cary Street and immerse themselves in film for 4 days. Here is a link to this year’s schedule.

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