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Enjoy the Extra Day!

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Enjoy the extra day of February, my favorite month. It is only once every 4 years we get a February 29th so we should sit back and enjoy it. Tomorrow is March 1st the meteorological first day of spring. We have made it through another winter and I am looking forward to the planet coming alive again with small green bits of color sprouting out all over the place.


Southern Film Festival

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This weekend is the Southern Film Festival, now in its 3rd year:

Founded in 2010 to explore how the distinctiveness of the South has been portrayed onscreen, the Southern Film Festival brings together films and those involved in their making with constructive commentary. This year’s theme considers a diverse cross-section of Southern rebels from the Civil War to the present.

The films will be showing at the VMFA, Cous Cous, and the Grace Street Theater. Some events are free and others will cost. Click for more information.

And don’t forget to turn your TV sets on at 7pm Sunday for the 84th Academy Awards.


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A short film of the Philharmonicas playing Raymond Scott’s “Powerhouse” which was recorded 75 years ago yesterday. Scott’s compositions were often used for Warner Brothers’ cartoons!
Thanks to boingboing.

Signs of Spring!

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I took a walk down by the river yesterday and there were signs of spring all over the place. I saw daffodils in bloom and bulbs are pushing their way out of the ground. Even though snow is forecast for later today, I predict an early spring.

The Legend Of John Brown – Jacob Lawrence

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American artist, Jacob Lawrence, “The Legend of John Brown” on exhibit at the VMFA from February 4 – June 10, 2012. Works on paper.

Jacob Lawrence’s The Legend of John Brown graphic series. Consisting of twenty-two silk-screen prints, the portfolio is based on Lawrence’s same-size gouache paintings from 1941…that explore the life of the controversial abolitionist.

Last Saturday I thoroughly enjoyed the double feature for the Biograph 40th Anniversary. It was eerily familiar feeling sitting in a dark theater on a cold Saturday night in February watching Godard’s “Breathless” and Kirk Douglas and a beautiful Gena Rowlands in “Lonely are the Brave.”

Deer, Snow, and Thunder!

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A Saturday afternoon surprise!

40th Biograph Anniversary!

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Scroll down the to the bottom of this post to see links to more info on the anniversary celebration! Where did all the years go?

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