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Happy Halloween!

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My Father in his retirement years liked to spread his love of music and fake noses.

Here he is playing saxophone with his band at the Halloween party for St. Colletta’s school in Arlington, VA. 1982.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Father’s Day

Posted in family, Music with tags , , on June 16, 2019 by kozmicdogz

This is a photo of my father probably taken in 1963 in front of the stereo with his tenor saxophone hanging around his neck.

This is how I remember him from my childhood, with his saxophone, in his tuxedo and smiling. My father was probably not quite 50 years old in this photo.

I remember my father saying that he needed to buy a good stereo before my little brother was born because once he was born (Nov. 64) my father would not have the money.

In the photo you can see a reel to reel tape recorder, probably a wollensack with boxed tapes on the shelf below. A sculpture of a twin engine airplane made from used artillery shells by a friend of my father’s while in Australia during WWII. A bowling trophy that my mother earned during the brief two years that she bowled. Bongos, LP’s and the Fisher amp my son-in-law has repaired and is using now in his new house. The viking ship on the top shelf was an Aurora model that I believe me and my brother collaborated on and was one of our favorites.

My father left this life in June 2003.

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there and to all those who father the ones who have none.

Grace Street Seven

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Last Thursday we spent a delightful evening at the VMFA listening to the Grace Street Seven. A seven piece band playing songs from the 1920s and 30s. Led by crooner Jay Brown, the band brought back memories and visions from the past.

They played 3 sets and opened with a ragtime song by Scott Joplin. Brown sang and alternately played banjo, slide kazoo, and tenor sax. The other members were: piano, drums, bass, trumpet, clarinet and an amazing alto sax player who occasionally would bring out his soprano sax. All great musicians.

What a wonderful surprise to find this band that appears to have been around for quite a while. I am glad we finally got a chance to travel with them to another era.

More photos from May 2nd.

Indigenous Gourd Orchestra

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The Indigenous Gourd Orchestra plays for a benefit to raise money to eradicate invasive species from the James River Park System.

March 1, 2019 – Westower Station on Forest Hill Avenue in Southside Richmond.

For more photos go HERE!

Icepick to the Moon

Posted in Art, Film, Music on October 4, 2018 by kozmicdogz

Friday September 28th director Skizz Cyzyk brought his film “Icepick to the Moon” to Richmond, VA. The film, investigates the mysterious Reverend Fred Lane and his relationship to the Raudelunas arts collective in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

The film showing was at Sound of Music in Scott’s edition. Before the film the ragtag improve group, Waiting for Ladonna played. This onetime musical group featured: Paul Watson (electric guitar & his secret effects) , Danny Finney (ripped paper & water falls), Fred McGann, Rebby Sharp (on the phone, fiddle, and keyboard), Pippin Barnett (percussion & record player), Tom Campagnoli (sticks & soprano sax), and LaDonna Smith (violin).

The film played to a full house and afterwards, more music with LaDonna, George Lowe and others.

For more information on this film and Skizz: Fred Lane

Aaron Neville

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Aaron Neville (b.1941) of the Neville Brothers at the Tin Pan in Richmond, VA – August 10, 2018.

Singing ballads from Nat King Cole, Neil Diamond, Billy Joel, Sam Cooke and original material. Even a rendition of “Love Potion No. 9”

Neville was contemplative and took his audience on a private trip down memory lane, mentioning his recently deceased brother, Linda Ronstdat, and growing up as a child singing for free admission to the movie theater.

An intimate setting with only piano accompaniment, Neville mesmerized the mostly white and over 50 crowd.

Tom & Marty Band

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In the winter of 2002 the Tom and Marty Band played live at the Firehouse Theatre in Richmond Va to silent films by Georges Melies & Zecca. As of today, this was the last time they played publicly.

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