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Tom & Marty Band

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In the winter of 2002 the Tom and Marty Band played live at the Firehouse Theatre in Richmond Va to silent films by Georges Melies & Zecca. As of today, this was the last time they played publicly.


The Man Who Fell To Earth [videorecording]

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Working in a library we have these catalog cards that once were used to find books, videos, or just about anything in a library. Mostly they are no longer used. They were arranged in wooden drawers by subject, title, and author.

Most of us in the library who have been there for a while still have a few, some of us have hundreds of these cards in their desk drawers or on a shelf in their office using the blank back sides of the cards for making notes, holding places in books, or labeling library carts.  I had pulled the top card of my deck hidden away behind some books to make myself a reminder and looked at the title of the item that was cataloged. It was the cataloging card for the 1980 video cassette release of  the 1976 movie “The Man Who Fell to Earth” directed by Nicholas Roeg and starring David Bowie.  It was cataloged by lw on July 27, 1982. It is still in the collection.

Bowie died January 10, 2016, this year at 69 years of age. He inspired generations with his music and his art and this movie was one of the many projects he is associated with and a part of his life’s work.

I did not use the card for my note. I put it in a safe place with all the other cards of special interest I find, at least interesting to me.

Interestingly at the top of the card is a name, Houtsnede Maatchappij. A name I had not remember seeing before. A google search revealed that one, it may be spelled wrong on the card, it should be Houtsnede Maatschappij and two it is probably a production company or copyright holder that is also associated with “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” “Won Ton Ton: The dog Who Saved Hollywood,” and “Killer Force” all which came out in 1975-76. Who was Houtsnede Maatschappij? A mystery that needs further investigation. Stop back later.

The Sex Pistols Save Christmas – 1977

Posted in Music with tags , , on December 11, 2015 by kozmicdogz

In late November 1977, the only time I was ever in England was for a bus ride going from one airport to another.

During the hour long bus ride I met a couple of Brits and sure enough the Sex Pistols came up in conversation. Apparently the Sex Pistols had just been on television recently and the middle aged woman I was talking with, who wasn’t wild about their music anyway, said that she did not understand why they had to use such fowl language, especially on TV so that the children would hear.

It turns out just a few short weeks later, the Sex Pistols put on this Christmas party for the children of striking firemen.

God bless us every one of us.

For a more detailed article written in 2013 from Dangerous Minds and a few more videos – click here.

Puddles in a “Mad World”

Posted in Film, Music with tags , , , on December 6, 2015 by kozmicdogz

Our favorite clown, Puddles, croons “Mad World” with Haley Reinhart with Scott Bradley’s Post Modern Jukebox.

I was first introduced to Tears for Fear’s “Mad World” in the film Donnie Darko.

Inlight Richmond – 2015

Posted in Art, Environment, Music, Richmond with tags on November 12, 2015 by kozmicdogz


Each year Inlight organized by 1708 Gallery is held at different places around town. This year’s Inlight installation and performances  will be held on the grounds of the VMFA.  And for the first time for two nights Friday & Saturday, November 13 & 14.

InLight Richmond is a FREE, public exhibition of light-based art and performances. Each year, InLight Richmond invites artists to respond to a particular neighborhood, attracting audiences to unique areas of Richmond. We are excited to announce that this year InLight will be two nights! InLight Richmond 2015 will be held on Friday, November 13 from 7 p.m. to midnight and November 14 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Photos from Friday November 13.

For photographs from some previous years:

2011 – along the James River downtown.

2010 – in Shockhoe Slip.

The Happy Lucky Combo @ Taza

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Barry Bless plays his Titano accordion at Taza Coffee ‘n Creme on Forest Hill Avenue with the Happy Lucky Combo on a beautiful Saturday evening.

Could not have been a more wonderful evening.

For more photos and a video.

The Sun Ra Arkestra – Richmond Folk Festival, 2015

Posted in Food, Music, Richmond with tags , on October 12, 2015 by kozmicdogz

My highlight of the Richmond Folk Festival was seeing the Sun Ra Arkestra. Amazing soul nourishing sounds and sights on a Sunday afternoon in Richmond, VA. I had see the Arkestra with Sun Ra, who died in 1993, at the Mosque back in the 70s. This was a life affirming performance and should keep me going for a while.

More photos!

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