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The Old Neighborhood Is Changing

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A funny thing is happening in the neighborhood where I grew up. When we moved there in the summer of 1957, there was a field of corn across the street. My older brother played in a stream that ran through it. I was too young, I had to stay in what I thought was a huge backyard. There was a farm house with horses near by and at first we had to travel on a gravel road to get to the house. That was a long time ago. The streets lie just a few miles from Washington, DC, inside the beltway, about a mile from where the first McDonald’s in northern Virginia was built.

Another tear down.

These solid brick houses built on 1/4 acre lots are being torn down and the lots rebuilt on. Houses that probably could last another 50 years are being sent to an early grave. I hope that someone is saving the bricks, 2 x 12 inch wooden joists, steel support girders, copper piping, or hardwood oak floors, but I doubt it. They usually disappear in a day being replaced by large holes in the ground. The new construction, I am sure, consists of larger bathrooms, more convenient kitchens, and wired for the 21st century. But these new houses look a little strange and change the complexion of the neighborhood. Sometimes not a lot of thought goes into the style of the new houses, giving a kind of schizophrenic look to the neighborhood. Continue reading


The James River In Winter – December 2010

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Snow covered rocks at the Pony Pasture - Dec 28, 2010.

The James River is a beautiful place to visit after a snow fall.

Merry Christmas!

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Fire trucks make good Christmas presents!


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I just received this text:

music on 12/23 @ Ghostprint 220 w. Broad St — 8pm — marty mccaviit, caustic castle, viszk, and Staplefahrer (netherlands) — $3

I can’t make it maybe you can…..

Ghost Print Gallery

Caustic Castle

The Staphlerjahrer

Marty McCavitt

Strange Moonscape!

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Using a close up lens on my camera last night just before the eclipse and just before the moon turned red, I captured this image of the surface of the moon.

The Moon Will Turn Red!

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Early Tuesday morning, December 21st, at 6:38 PM the earth will tilt on its’ axis away from the sun creating the shortest day of the year. It is at this exact moment that The Winter Solstice occurs. At 3:15 AM on the east coast we will be able to see the moon at it’s fullest which will also be at the same time a total lunar eclipse will be occurring. The eclipse which should be visible in our area after 1:00 AM to about 3:00 AM Tuesday is when the moon will turn red!

Since you will already be up, look to the dark sky and you may also be able to see the Ursid Meteor Shower.

This conjunction of astral events only occurs about every 400 years, so you had better enjoy it as this will not happen again in any of our life times.

Huguenot Bridge Construction Has Started

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The long awaited replacement of the Huguenot Bridge has begun. This is a view of the south side of the bridge just west of the existing bridge. The new bridge will be built parallel and west of the old bridge. VDOT personnel have been cutting trees and digging a big hole I can only guess that this is where the first new support will be.

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