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Have a Horrifically Howling Halloween!

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Watch out for the spooks and goblins and shadows of the night.

For tonight is Halloween and we all are in for a fright!

They’re Coming!

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Suicide Mission

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Cynthia Tucker in the newspaper, Atlanta Journal Constitution’s website, gives Rick Waugh some much needed press:

Rick Waugh is engaged in a suicide mission against Eric Cantor, the GOP Whip and a popular Congressman from Virginia. Cantor will win easily. But Waugh has a great ad on the new health insurance law, and, if more Democrats had had the good sense to run ads like this, they might not be in danger of losing their Congressional majority.

Look for Zombies on Saturday!

White House Flickr Site

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I had forgotten that the White House has a Flickr site. Here is the link to the October Set. There is some pretty interesting stuff.

7th District Politics

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Yes 7th Congressional District residents someone is running against Eric Cantor. Rick Waugh, a family man, who works as a counselor and grew up in a military family is running against Cantor, the minority Whip.

The Democrats seem to have written off this district (my district) years ago and have never put a strong candidate forward to run against the Republican incumbent. Former Richmond mayor Thomas Bliley held the seat for years and pretty much handed it over to Eric Cantor without a serious fight when he retired.

The largely Republican district which runs from Richmond all the way up to Culpeper needs your voice. Get out there and vote on November 2nd for Rick Waugh.

Full Moon Brings Extra Bright Light

Posted in Art with tags , on October 23, 2010 by kozmicdogz

The full moon coincided with the 3rd annual InLight exhibition in Richmond, VA –  October 22, 2010.

Presented by 1708 Gallery and taking place in Shockoe Slip, InLight was an exhibit of  37 light inspired installations by 60 artists.

It was a beautiful night and many of the pieces brought smiles and nods from  those attending.

Thanks to 1708 and the sponsoring businesses.

R.I.P “Slits” Frontwoman, Ari Up

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One of my favorite bands from the late 70s, The Slits. Thanks Scott.

From Pitchfork:

Arianna Foster, aka Ari Up, frontwoman for pioneering English punk band the Slits, has passed away, according to the website of John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols and Public Image Ltd., who was also Up’s stepfather. According to Lydon’s site, Up died “after a serious illness.” She was 48 years old.

Also passing away is jazz saxophonist Marion Brown.

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