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“Big Eyes”

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Tim Burton’s new biopic “Big Eyes” about Margaret Keane, the woman who painted those big eyed waifs that everyone’s great aunt had hung on the walls of their paneled rec rooms, is a story of fraud, power, lies, obsession and finally freedom.

Amy Adams plays Margaret Keane who is escaping a marriage and drives with her daughter played by Delaney Raye to San Francisco where she gets a job painting decorations on baby cribs. Margaret has pulled from her subconscious those iconic images of children with the big eyes and attracts the attention of Walter Keane who is a master showman, entrepreneur and turns Margret’s big eyed paintings into a sensation. Along the way he takes credit for the paintings and exerts extraordinary power over Margaret which is the true story of the film.

The paintings of those big eyed children have an unusual place in the psyche of 1960s America. Art? maybe not, but everyone knew them immediately and it was a crime that the woman whose imagination produced these images did not get the proper credit for most of the time they were so popular in American culture.

Look for a couple of Oscar nominees for Tim Burton’s “Big Eyes.”

For more information in a Vanity Fair article by Julie Miller click link.


Not @ Work

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Monday and I’m home

Wearing my superman shirt

Rain and not too cold

No Time For Fooling Around.

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Christmas was yesterday, I’ve got to get to work!

Merry Christmas!

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Winter Solstice Survived

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We made it through the shortest day of the year.

Some say it was the shortest day and longest night in decades.

Most of us survived.

Spring can’t be far behind.


Watson @ GlobeHopper

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Paul Watson & Blasco at GlobeHopper December 18, 2014 on East Main Street.

…more photos

Paul Watson @ GlobeHopper

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Spend an evening with Paul Watson and Jonathan Vassar at GlobeHopper

FREE but the musicians are gladly accepting donations.

  • Thursday, December 18, 2014
  • 7:00pm 10:00pm
  • GlobeHopper Coffeehouse & Lounge 2100 E Main St Richmond, VA, 23223

Some photos of Watson and Malhombre from last Thursday at Taza.

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