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Amy Crehore Paintings in Asbury Park, NJ

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“The Angel at Gossamer Creek” – © Amy Crehore, All Rights Reserved.

If you are in New Jersey this is the last week to catch 3 of Amy Crehore’s paintings at the Parlor Gallery in Asbury Park New Jersey including the painting pictured above. The show runs through June 7, 2015.

Amy’s wonderful blog  “Little Hokum Rag” can be found here.


Film Noir Summer

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TCM will be offering a free 9 week film course on Film Noir every Friday in June & July:

In this nine-week course, we’ll go back in film history to investigate the “The Case of Film Noir”—the means, motives, and opportunities that led Hollywood studios to make these hard-boiled crime dramas, arguably their greatest contribution to American culture.

This course will run concurrently with the Turner Classic Movies “Summer of Darkness” programming event, airing 24 hours of films noir every Friday in June and July 2015. This is the deepest catalog of film noir ever presented by the network (and perhaps any network), and provides an unprecedented opportunity for those interested in learning more to watch over 100 classic movies as they investigate “The Case of Film Noir.”

Thank you, & Bijou Film Center.

Photo of Richard Conte in Universal’s 1951 “The Sleeping City.”


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Waiting for inspiration.

For more photos click here.

I Might Not…

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Try as I might

Happy Memorial Day

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The US State Capitol building taken in 1907 by the Finnish artist Hugo Simberg.

The Photographs of Hugo Simberg

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“A key figure of the symbolist movement, Simberg (1873-1917) was known for his unique paintings blending realistic portraiture, landscape, and fantasy, with odd figures often featuring. Devils and trolls are often depicted, as is Death who takes the form of a skeleton wearing a black robe, most famously in The Garden of Death, a theme that Simberg worked on in various forms between 1896-1906.” – from the Public Domain Review.

Simberg’s photographs are available from the Finnish National Gallery and Flickr.

Happy Lucky Combo @ Taza

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HLC Taza

Those happy troubadours bring their Southside humor and musical talents to Southside. Taza Coffee Shop on Forest Hill Aveneu, Saturday May 23rd from 7 to 9pm.

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