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Paul Watson Quartet

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Paul Watson Quartet, Friday July 24 at Sub Rosa Bakery. Sub Rosa is at 620 N. 25th Street in Church Hill.


First Steps On The Moon – July 20, 1969

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46 years ago today Neil Armstrong took his first steps on the moon and for the first time a man from the planet earth had stepped on another world. When the event was televised I was at the Baltimore Civic Center waiting to hear the group, Blind Faith. The performance started late as drummer Ginger Baker was watching the moon landing and first steps on television before he went onstage. I had to wait until the next day to see the famous steps and hear Armstrong’s inspiring words on TV:

 “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

“Astronaut Edwin E. Aldrin’s faceplate reflects Astronaut Neil A. Armstrong and the Lunar Module.” – NASA photograph.

Joy Division Documentary

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July 18th at 7pm at the Visual Arts Center, Grant Gee’s 2008 documentary “Joy Division”. Also two films by Richmond filmmaker Mike Jones.

From the James River Film Society website:

The James River Film Society, RVA’s indie film connection since 1994, presents an Ian Curtis Birthday/Joy Division Celebration, Saturday, July 18, 7:30 pm at Visual Arts Center, 1812 W. Main St. Admission $7; we also take debit/credit cards at the door for a $0.20 surcharge. This event is a fundraiser for the non-profit, James River Film Society. The 2008 documentary, “Joy Division”, by Grant Gee will be screened, as well as two short 16 mm films by Michael Jones’ “A Dead Love” and “Dead Friends: When Blue Turns Red”, as well as giveaways and a cash bar. Remember, only love will tear us apart!


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The New Horizon’s space craft will fly by Pluto on July 14, 2015.  Above photo is from early July and a composite by NASA and Google Earth.

From the NASA fact sheet on the New Horizon’s mission:

The New Horizons mission will help us understand
worlds at the edge of our solar system by making
the first reconnaissance of the Pluto system and by
venturing deeper into the distant, mysterious Kuiper
Belt – a relic of solar system formation…

…closest approach (to Pluto) occurs on July 14, 2015.

More photos of Pluto from NYT article by HERE.

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