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Happy Father’s Day

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This is a photo of my father probably taken in 1963 in front of the stereo with his tenor saxophone hanging around his neck.

This is how I remember him from my childhood, with his saxophone, in his tuxedo and smiling. My father was probably not quite 50 years old in this photo.

I remember my father saying that he needed to buy a good stereo before my little brother was born because once he was born (Nov. 64) my father would not have the money.

In the photo you can see a reel to reel tape recorder, probably a wollensack with boxed tapes on the shelf below. A sculpture of a twin engine airplane made from used artillery shells by a friend of my father’s while in Australia during WWII. A bowling trophy that my mother earned during the brief two years that she bowled. Bongos, LP’s and the Fisher amp my son-in-law has repaired and is using now in his new house. The viking ship on the top shelf was an Aurora model that I believe me and my brother collaborated on and was one of our favorites.

My father left this life in June 2003.

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there and to all those who father the ones who have none.

Wedding Anniversary – June 2, 1946

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St. Joseph’s Church in Washington, D.C. – 73 years ago.

After the end of WWII just like many returning soldiers, my father married and fortunately found his soulmate in my mother. Both had been engaged to other people before they found each other.

They were to spend the next 57 years together and have 5 children, my father passing at the age of 85 and my mother at the age of 97. She spent almost 15 years living mostly alone.

Often my mother would search the clouds for images of my father and now I do the same, searching for them both.

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