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Goodbye January, Hello February

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January 31, 2010 - Southside.

Snow at Sunrise

It looks like I got just over 10 inches of snow yesterday. The sun is out and it is time to start digging your way to civilization.

Weather tip #1: wear latex gloves inside your winter gloves for warmth and water proofing while shoveling snow.

February is my favorite month and Spring is just around the corner.

Chez Roue’ @ Bogart’s

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Photo by Tom Campagnoli

Johnny Hott & Roger Carroll

Thursday, January 28th we saw Roger Carroll and Chez Roue’ at Bogart’s. It was a brisk evening just a few days before the big snow storm, but Chez Roue’ kept the crown warm. Chez Roue’ play at Bogart’s every Thursday, the most recent club in their over 15 year Thursday night gig.

Get out and enjoy some live music!

J.D. Salinger – RIP

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J.D. Salinger died yesterday at the age of 91.

A friend commented: “Sounds like he passed the way he lived—rather quietly.”

Wikipedia article on Salinger.

The 2nd Annual RVAJazzfest! Feb 6th.

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The 2010 RVAJazzfest is happening at the Camel on Saturday, February 6th. Starting at 9pm.

This year’s fest will be featuring Tim Berne & Ombak, Adam Larrabee Trio playing interpretations of “Money Jungle,” and Trio of Justice with Reggie Pace on trombone.

$15 at the door or $10 in advance for more info:  RVAJazzfest.

In other jazz news, Roger Carroll is busy this week with his many bands:

Tuesday with the Continentals Big Band – 7pm Hermitage High School
Wednesday with Alan Parker at the restaurant, Belvidere at Broad 7-10
Thursday with Chez Roue’ at Bogarts 9-12
Friday with Chez Roue’ at Shenanigans 8:30 – 12
Saturday, Feb 6 – with Jim Dudley and Friends 9-12

And for your weekly dose of live music check out the best listing for the city at the Weekly Rant.

Django Reinhardt Was Born 100 Years Ago Today!

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Django Reinhardt was born January 23rd 1910 in Belgium. The founder of the unique sound that would become know as “Gypsy Jazz,” Django Reinhardt would be 100 years old today.

Lonnie Wilfong & Django Reinhardt

Pictured here is Lonnie Wilfong, trumpet player and arranger for the Air Transport Command big band that Django hooked up with as the war was winding down in France, 1945. Lonnie was my father’s best friend and also friends with Bill Zickafoose of the Continentals. Bill passed away this past November, but his big band The Continentals will play this coming Tuesday at Hermitage High School for free at 7pm.

Tonight the Ashland Coffee & Tea is celebrating Django Reinhardt’s 100th birthday with “Djangoary” a DjangoFest with 3 bands: Gypsy Roots, Hot Club of DC, and the Olivarez Trio from Charlottesville. $15 in advance and $20.00 at the door 7PM.

“The Book of Eli” among others…

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Denzel Washington as EliI have a weakness for post-apocalyptic films and “The Book of Eli” was a good one. Denzel Washington is a walker carrying a precious package and is on a mission. Gary Oldman is once again creepy as a slimy bad guy and Jennifer Beal and Mila Kunis are a beautiful mother-daughter team. “The Book of Eli” is kind of a cross between “Road Warrior” and “Fahrenheit 451.” True to form I didn’t know much about this film and with my typical low expectations I enjoyed it quite a lot. A great way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon. Directed by the Hughes Brothers. The future can be a pretty grim place sometimes.

I also saw “Avatar” (winner of the 2009 Global Globe for best Drama) the day after Christmas and unless you are Conservative Republican, run don’t walk to catch this visual delight in the movie theatre. We saw it in 2D and thoroughly enjoyed it. We discussed that in 3D it might be a bit overwhelming. I still hope to go back and see it in 3D. There was another movie nagging in the back of my mind while watching “Avatar” and Sigourney Weaver mentioned it on SNL, it was the animated 1992 environmental film “FernGully” which James Cameron must have seen. Still, it is like nothing you have ever seen, go see it and ignore the nay sayers.

Also on your menu you might enjoy “It’s Complicated” with Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, and Steve Martin. It is so fun to see actors enjoying themselves in this romantic comedy about relationships between the sexes. I laughed outloud and can recommend it from late teens to old folks, who aren’t too prudish.

Next on my want list is Pedro Almodovar’s “Broken Embraces” but circumstances seem to be keeping me away and now unless another theater picks it up this week I may miss it until it comes out on DVD. It seems that with all the theatres now in Richmond that the newest Almadovar film could eek out a couple more week.

Although it won’t happen I think “Broken Embraces” would do boffo-boxoffice if it played the Byrd.

Roger Carroll Plays Around

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Chez Roue' @ Bogarts by Tom CampagnoliStarting this week Roger Caroll and Alan Parker will begin a weekly Wednesday night gig at “The Belvidere at Broad” located at 506 W. Broad Street. Roger and Alan will be playing from 7:00 to 10:00 pm.

Also every Thursday Roger D. Carroll & Chez Roue‘ continue to play at Bogart’s. Chez Roue’ has had a regular Thursday night gig at various venues around town for 16 years.

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