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Elliott Reads Richmond

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Just before Halloween we went to a friend’s house and listened to author Stephen Elliott read from his new book, “The Adderall Diaries: A Memoir of Moods, Masochism, and Murder.”

Here is Elliott’s blog entry on about his time in Richmond.

Here is my previous post on Elliott’s Richmond reading….

Happy Thanksgiving!


Jazz Under Water…

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Photo by Tom Campagnoli

Marty McCavitt & Brian Jones - The Camel - Nov 17, 2009

So my companion described McCavitt + Jones last night at The Camel.

Marty McCavitt’s altered sounds from his Hohner keyboard and various electronic boxes and Brian Jones’ beats, cymbal scrapings, and rhythms mashed up in a improvised performance that pleased the audience as well as the musicians.

And The Wiremen…

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And The Wiremen (Brooklyn/Richmond) played at Balliceaux on Thursday evening during the torrential rain storms.

A very comfortable room to hear music And The Wiremen sounded great!

This Tuesday, November 17, at 9pm, Marty McCavitt with Brian Jones will perform at the Camel, later, at 10:15 the Brian Jones “New Trio” will take the stage.

I Fell asleep early Sunday night and missed Loversville! Maybe Thursday at Bottoms Up I can catch them!

Veterans Day – November 11

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Carmen Campagnoli - Darwin, Australia - November 1942

And The Wiremen….

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It is time to renew your musical passport, there is plenty happening around town this week.

We have a unique opportunity to hear: AND THE WIREMEN, this Thursday 9:00, at Balliceaux, 203 N. Lombardy (old Bogart’s location).

“Brooklyn, NY based AND THE WIREMEN perform the songs of Bee and Flower (former Cordero) guitarist Lynn Wright. Their music combines images of a gothic Deep South with the rhythms of South America and the grainier elements of barroom jazz and avant-pop.”

wiremenAND THE WIREMEN in a rare Richmond performance:

LYNN WRIGHT-singing, guitar (Bee and Flower, Cordero)
PAUL WATSON-cornet, singing (Orthotonics, Sparklehorse, Michael Hurley)
TONY MAIMONE-bass ( Pere Ubu, Frank Black, Book of Knots)
PIPPIN BARNETT-drums (Happy Lucky Combo, Curlew)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Also this Sunday you can see the revamped Buttercup, renamed: LOVERSVILLE.

loversville1Loversville will be playing this Sunday, November 15th at the Commercial Taphouse, 111 North Robinson St. They will start at about 9:30 – no cover! Loversville is Buttercup minus Octavia on bass who has retired to the ranch.

Still country! still real!

Loversville has landed!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

And if that is not enough you can catch Roger Carroll with the Roger Carroll Trio at Emilio’s on Wednesday 7:30, Veteran’s Day, and with Chez Roue’ on Thursday, November 12th at Bogarts, 9:00.

I wish I could see everything!

Silent Film Classics @ Richmond Public Library

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sil_black_pirateThe Richmond Moving Image Co-op is showing Silent Film Classics for 4 Thursdays at the Main Richmond Public Library Downtown at 2pm for FREE.

So if you are retired, a stay at home parent, a college student skipping class, or to take the sting out of unemployment, go on downtown and enjoy these classic silent movies:

November 5

November 12
COLLEGE (1927)

December 3

December 10
SUNRISE (1927)

Comix Come to Town.

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Sunday night October 25th I attended a panel discussion, “Graphic Details: Discussing Contemporary Comics” at the University of Richmond. On the panel were comic artists: Gabrielle Bell, Kim Deitch, Hope Larson, Anders Nilsen, and moderator Chris Pitzer. Deitch a long time favorite of mine (“Boulevard of Broken Dreams”) put it simply, graphic novels are just 200 page comic books. I was glad to hear it said outloud. I totally agree. I started reading comics since I learned to read. I was a DC comic book fan along with the occasional Little Lulu, Casper, and Archie.

Boys & Girls Grow Up

"Boys & Girls Grow Up" issue #4 - Richmond Comic Book Anthology - 1984

I wrote, and even published, comics in the 1980s, so the discussion was very interesting to me.

We were able to see R. Crumb at the old Lowes Theatre downtown on the 27th. Not a huge Crumb fan, I prefer his wife, Aline Kaminsky (“Need More Love”), Crumb was delightful and funny. Crumb does not do this sort of thing very often, so I viewed this as a once in a life time opportunity to see R. Crumb live. Francois Mouly, art director of the New Yorker magazine and married to Art (Maus/RAW) Spiegleman, asked Crumb questions and kept the slide show relevant.

Needless to say, there has been some controversy in Crumb’s wake here in Richmond, but it cannot be denied that he is a great comic book artist. I do take umbrage that he is the creator of the underground comic book movement. Maybe the father or old uncle, but not the creator.

I do look forward to reading his take on “Genesis.”

Some of Crumb’s work can be viewed at the Modlin Center at UR and the Page Bond Gallery on 1625 W. Main Street.

Slantblog has a nice review of Crumb’s Richmond appearance.

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