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Gil Scott Heron ~ RIP

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While still in High School, I bought my first book of poetry in a head shop in town just next to the public library and the post office. It was “Small Talk at 125th and Lenox: A Collection of Black Poems” by a writer I had never heard of Gil Scott Heron. I read and reread the poems and showed my new book to my friends who also dug it.

Later Heron would become famous for his phrase, “The revolution will not be televised!” and go on to record records and influence many other writers and musicians. He disappeared for a number of years, lost in drugs and spending time in jail.

He just released a new album, “I’m New Here” in February 2010 and had been touring a little. On May 27th of this year at 62 years of age Gil Scott Heron died.

Profile of Heron by Alec Wilkinson: New Yorker Magazine, August 2010.


Happy Memorial Day!

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While remembering those who died for this country, here are a few photos of a time when those who fought and survived war were not treated right by the country they fought for:

1932 ~ The Bonus Expeditionary Force

In the summer of 1932 WWI veterans who had been promised a bonus after the war were tired, hungry, and unemployed. The WWI veterans were awarded monetary bonuses in 1924, but were not to be paid until 1945. It was the height of the depression and these veterans needed this money now.

1932 ~ Bonus Expeditionary Force

They marched on Washington, DC. They set up a campsite in Anacostia, in SE Washington, DC in sight of the capitol dome. They named themselves the Bonus Expeditionary Force. About 10,000 men, women, and children lived in this camp. On July 28th, 1932 President Hoover ordered General Douglas MacArthur to drive the marchers back to their camp in Anacostia. MacArthur drove them out of Washington, across the river, then burned the camp. The protest was over.

Photos from the collection of Francis Campagnoli. Click on photos for larger image.

It’s Alive!

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I just got an email from author of the obscure, Fred Wiebel. He will be interviewed this Thursday at 9pm on radio over the internet:

Frederick C. Wiebel, Jr. will be interviewed live on internet radio about his book and ‘restored’ DVD of Thomas Edison Studio’s 1910 motion picture production of “Frankenstein”.

The interview will be conducted by Andrew Lee Fielding and start at 9 p.m.
To hear the show, one should go to this link:

Near the top of the page, there is a “To Listen Click Here” link; a new window (a “Live 365” window) will open up.

The show’s title is the “Thursday Live Show,” and it airs from 9 p.m. to midnight.

The station features Old-Time Radio and nostalgia-oriented programming.

Listeners can ask questions or make comments, during the show, by posting on the station’s Facebook page:

Edison’s Frankenstein ~ Good Luck Fred!

Civil War Redux: Pinhole Photos of Reenactments

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A selection of Richmond artist, Willie Anne Wright’s pinhole photographs are on exhibit at the VMFA (May 21-Sept 18). They are in the new Photography Gallery on the 3rd floor just outside the restaurant Muse.

Willie Anne Wright has been taking pinhole photographs for almost 40 years. If you don’t know her work or have not seen her photographs, get yourself to the VMFA soon, or if you happen to be in Augusta, GA you will be able to see her work at the Morris Museum of Art beginning July 9th.

Wright’s photography have a dreamlike other world quality that can transport you to another place.

For the Take 5 interview with Wright click here.

For the West of the Boulevard blog entry click here.

Picnic In The Park – Sunday!

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James River Park Annual Picnic

Don’t miss this event on Sunday, May 22 from 4-6 pm at the Forest Hill Park, Picnic Shelter #1.

This two-hour event is jam-packed with:

  • James River Ramblers: live old time mountain music
  • Nature Talk by Anne Wright
  • Door prizes, including a Riverside Outfitters Raft Trip!
  • Corn hole and other games
  • River Heroes recognition
  • Bring a side dish or dessert to share
  • No BS Brass Band

And after you have rested up from your day at the river, at 8pm you can take a trip to Loversville at the Commercial Taphouse on Robinson Street. 8pm

Sunday is turning out to be a pretty nice day.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Born in 1921, my mom will be 90 years old later this year. Her parents were immigrants from Sicily and the legend goes that my mother was held back in kindergarten so that her English could improve. Her loving, but over protective parents were hard working and instilled in my mother a love for life,  family, and hard work, and not letting the little things bother you. My grandfather was fond of saying, “Eat it now and forget about it.” Meaning enjoy the moment before it passes. My mother and her two sisters shared the same room and even the same bed until they left home as young women to marry. They are still very close.

The above photo of my mother was taken in 1939 as she was graduating high school. Europe was in turmoil and Hitler was on the move. The US would be in the war in two short years. My mother worked in retail and office jobs after high school. She said how the office she worked in slowly became an all woman office. All the boys went to war. There are photos of my mom and her girl friends during the war in parks, in front of monuments, all smiling, arm in arm, wearing their fur coats. The war ended and all the boys came home, at least some of them.  She married one of those boys and had 5 children. That seems like another time.

But then the world continued to change. The internet, remote controls, cell phones, wireless connections, more war, more things have happened that my mother could never have imagined as that smiling young woman in 1939, just about to enter into the world with her whole life ahead of her.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers out there.

Big Fish Story!

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Rex  Springston from the RTD writes about a seven foot sturgeon:

Experts pulled the 200-pound, bone-plated fish from the James River last month near Newport News. Full of eggs, it was almost ready to spawn.

No one has documented a ready-to-spawn sturgeon in the James in decades.

“This is actually a pretty historic event,” said Anne Wright, Virginia Commonwealth University’s coordinator of environmental outreach.

After installing a transmitter, experts will follow the big fish and see where she goes to lay her eggs.

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