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Drive-In Opens Tonight!

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RedcarnexttospeakerThe Goochland Drive-In Theater Opens Tonight, August 28, 2009.

From the Drive-In website:

“Drive-in theaters have been a part of rural America since the 1930’s. And in keeping with that tradition, we believe that a new drive-in theater would be a wonderful addition to the make-up of Goochland County. Through technological advancements over the years, the improved picture and sound of drive-in movies provide an outstanding experience — with little, if any, disturbance to the surrounding environment.”

It has been many years since I have been to a drive- in. As a young child I remember going to see Disney’s “The Shaggy Dog” at a drive-in in Northern Virginia and, here in Richmond we went to the South Side Plaza Drive-In for Zombie movies and then again for some other nameless horror films.

We wish the owners who have the vision to open a drive-in in the 21st Century, John & Kristin Heidel, luck and a night with few mosquitoes!

Here is a story from Channel 12.


Buttercups In Bloom!

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Whiskey + Tears = Buttercup

Whiskey + Tears = Buttercup

Buttercup performed at Bandito’s on Patterson Avenue, Tuesday night with new songs at a new venue. It was a hot and steamy Richmond night, but it was cool inside and Buttercup sounded great!

buttercup09CassLead singer & rhythm guitar player Cassandra Cossitt sang a soulful rendition of the 1966 Rolling Stones’ hit “Out of Time” that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

Buttercup’s original songs are so right on, truthful & fun. They blend with the selection of classic country tunes (including Patsy Cline) that Buttercup covers and stand up proudly right along side them.

These everyday country musician soldiers make the world a better place.

Buttercup is:

Cassandra Cossitt  – vocals, rhythm guitar
Octavia Carpin – vocals, bass
David Stover – drums
Mike Tighe – fiddle, pedal steel
John Hanor – lead guitar

For more photos!

Buttercup Goes South of the Border…West of the Boulevard.

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bcbanditosOur favorite alt-country band takes on Bandidto’s just west of the Boulevard at 2905 Patterson Avenue. Tuesday, August 25th from 9 to 11. Will try and make it, as I am needing a Buttercup fix. Buttercup is not scheduled to play again until September 24th back at Bottoms Up.

You can also look for Roger Carroll & Chez Roue’ at Bogarts on Cary Street from 9:00 to 12:00 this Thursday, August 27th. No cover and plenty of parking.

See you there!

“My Name is John Connor…”

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So the voice of John Connor in the year 2018 echoes across the wasteland that was once the lush green sphere called earth. Images of Hell & Holocaust, and finally redemption for a man who came from the past and was deposited in this new reality to maybe destroy or save the world.

A T-600 Looking for John Connor... in All the Wrong Places.

A T-600 Looking for John Connor in All the Wrong Places.

I saw “Terminator Salvation” (aka Terminator IV), Friday night at the Byrd Theatre. Christian (the new Batman) Bale is John Connor, Sam Worthington does a great job as Marcus Wright, and Moon Bloodgood is a beautiful resistance pilot. Anton Yelchin is Kyle Reese, Connor’s father, and Helena Bonham Carter makes an appearance as some kind of mad scientist, and Jane Alexander looks great as an elder matriarch of a group of survivors hiding from Skynet (the bad robots).

As with most action films in the last two decades, the action does go on a bit too long for me and gets tiring, but I thoroughly enjoyed this science fiction film on a hot and steamy evening in Richmond at one of my favorite places of all time, the Byrd Theatre. It is worth checking out.

If you are reading this you are the resistance.

More Hokum!

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The Hokum Scorchers Scorching! - photo from Amy Crehore

The Hokum Scorchers Scorching! - photo from Amy Crehore

My friend Amy Crehore has posted some photos on her blog from a party at Ken Kesey’s (1935-2001) house in 1992. Along with her Uke making husband, Lou, they played as the Hokum Scorchers, got paid $5 bucks and had a great time.

Check out Amy’s site and purchase one of her prints.

~ Support the Arts ~

Chez Roue’ Discovers Internet

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CR1Chez Roue’ led by tenor man Roger Carroll has launched its’ MySpace page this week. Now you can see a list of gigs, listen to some songs and see some videos of this great great Richmond band!

Their weekly gig at Cafe Diem is no longer, but now you can catch them at Bogarts on Thursdays.

Check their site for future gigs.

Chez Roue’ is:

Roger D. Carroll-Sax and Vocals

Brian Sulser-Bass

Debo Dabney-Piano

Johnny Hott-Drums

Jonathan Greenberg-Trumpet

Charles Arthur-Guitar

Bill Zickafoose & The Continentals!

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Tuesday, August 11, we went to see the big band, The Continentals!

Bill Zickafoose
who played with the Airforce Transport Command Band during the war, formed the Continentals back here in the states after the war ended.  His Continentals have been playing continuously for all those years and man they are still swinging under Bill’s direction.

Bill Zickafoose telling a story as Roger Carroll listens on.

Bill Zickafoose telling a story as Roger Carroll listens on.

The concert was at Hermitage High School as a part of the Henrico County Parks & Recreation program and it was free. It is not every day that you get to hear a big band!

Playing and singing on a couple of tunes with the Contintentals was Roger Carroll of Chez Roue’ on tenor. For more photos click here!

Bill was in the Air Transport Command Band at the end of the war along with trumpet player and arranger Lonnie Wilfong. They ran into Django Reinhardt in Paris during these closing months and Bill and Lonnnie played and recorded with Django. Lonnie did some arranging on those recordings and Zickafoose played some of Lonnie’s big band arrangements last Tuesday night. What a treat!

Lonnie Wilfong (1917-2002)

Lonnie Wilfong (1917-2002)

We had a great time. There is nothing like real live music of any kind!

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