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West Grace Street Dream

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Last night I dreamt I was walking down the 800 block of W. Grace Street wearing a union suit pushing a shopping cart with a snare drum in it.

First Man On The Moon

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45 years ago on July 20, 1969 man landed on the moon.

“Astronaut Edwin E. Aldrin’s faceplate reflects Astronaut Neil A. Armstrong and the Lunar Module.” – NASA photograph.

The next month in August 1969 a large music festival took place, Woodstock. Quite a year.

42 Years Playing Together: Pippin & Barry

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Virginia Poetry Online

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Virginia Poet Nan Ottinger reads “Toilet Paper and Milk”.

For more poetry written by and read by Virginians click here.

Marty McCavitt on BandCamp

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Marty McCavitt at GlobeHopper Coffee - 2/27/2014

Marty McCavitt at GlobeHopper Coffee – 2/27/2014

Marty McCavitt tunes can be downloaded from Bandcamp Here.
There are also downloads of music composed to accompany silent films by Méliès and Zecca by the Tom & Marty Band in their last live performance (to date).  2002 at the Firehouse Theatre, Richmond, VA.

Support Your Local Music and Musicians.

Art is everybody’s business.

Orthotonics Flyer

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From a few decades past in a RVA long ago…..

Happy 4th of July!

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Detail from Fireworks in Covent Garden (1690), by Bernard Lens II – Source.

The Public Domain Review has a nice article with images called “Picturing Pyrotechnics.”

Enjoy the 4th and shoot off some rockets!

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