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February Birthdays

Posted in family, Photography with tags , , , on February 19, 2018 by kozmicdogz

February is our birthday month. Myself, my father, my brother, my youngest daughter, a niece, and my uncle Savy. Not to mention George Washington, Lincoln, my sister-in-law, many friends as well as Groundhog Day and Valentine’s Day. Often fiercely cold, this year has been mild with lots of rain. Forsythia has been sighted and I have already heard peepers under the Huguenot Bridge.

The photo above is of my father as a teenager sitting in his bedroom at the age of 15 or 16. He is holding an alto saxophone in his lap and you can see a baritone to his right and a clarinet in its stand in front of him while a 78 record player is behind him. He was born the year WWI ended and would have been 100 years old this year. My mother says he would not have wanted to get to be 100 as she is getting to know what that really means to a body.


Veterans Day 2017

Posted in Photography with tags , , , on November 11, 2017 by kozmicdogz

This is the ship which my father took from the US to Australia in February 1942. He would not return home until May 1945.

The SS Malolo was built in 1927 as a luxury liner which sailed from San Francisco to LA to Honolulu. It was pressed into service as a troop transport ship from 1942 to 1946.

Photo is held by John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland., Public Domain,

Pumpkin Patch

Posted in Photography, Writers & Writing with tags , on October 26, 2017 by kozmicdogz

Timeless pumpkin patch.
Hot in the sun,
cool in the shade.
Miles from home
    transported to another


From Richmond to West Virginia and back again

Posted in Photography, Politics, Richmond with tags on September 27, 2017 by kozmicdogz

On our recent trip from Richmond Va to West Virginia we did not see any confederate flags, or pumper stickers, signs or any other tributes to the current president.

I thought maybe the tide was turning,
but that is yet to be determined.

Flat Iron Building

Posted in Dreams, Photography with tags , on July 8, 2017 by kozmicdogz

The flat iron building taken from a cab in September 2015.

Liberty State Park

Posted in Photography with tags , on July 6, 2017 by kozmicdogz

Liberty State Park, September 2015

One of the New Jersey State Parks that were closed when Chris Christie shut down the state government for the July 4th holiday weekend in 2017.

Strawberry Moon

Posted in Dreams, Photography with tags on June 30, 2017 by kozmicdogz

The Strawberry Moon over Ocracoke Island, NC June 9, 2017.

A week of beautiful sunsets, stars, and a Strawberry Moon.

Goodbye to June.

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