44 Years Ago Today – December 27, 2016

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Forty-four years ago today I moved to Richmond Va. My 1963 Valiant with the push button transmission was borrowed from my mother, and packed with all of my possessions. I remember getting off 95 at the Boulevard exit near Parker Field and traveled south passing diagonally parked cars down the middle of the street heading towards Broad Street.

I saw on the left the Peoples Drug Store with its all night lunch counter and right in front of me down 2 blocks the statue of Stonewall Jackson. At that point I had only begun to realize that I had not only just traveled the longest 100 miles in my life but had found a new home.

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Merry Christmas – 2016

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My little brother and I with Santa Clause at a Washington, D.C. department store in 1956. Probably Hecht’s or Woodies.

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The 1984 Futuropolis is once again available on YouTube. Nine years in the making, this 38 minute science fiction animation extravaganza spoof, has been billed as the worlds smallest animated epic!

From the fertile minds of Steve Segal and Phil Trumbo. Enjoy!

Oh December.

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Oh December.

You are trying to look like February,

trying to keep me down,

but I won’t let you.

Saturday Morning

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I have always appreciated
a clean car
a nice handkerchief
a not too hot cup of coffee
and a quiet morning.

Dark Clouds

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Headed home

Clouds blocking the sun

Soon it will be night

How long will it last?

Richmond Zombiewalk ~ Today

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The Richmond Zombiewalk in Richmond takes place today, October 29, 2016. The 12th annual event. 2:30pm starts at the old Sugar Shack Donuts shop and heads west. Meetup at Swan Lake in Byrd Park at 1pm.

Photos from last year HERE!

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