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This 1985 Japanese film by Juzo Itami has eluded me for years. When if first came out, it even played at a movie theatre I was working at, but for various reasons I was not able to see it. Years later when looking for it at video stores it was not available or out. The VHS copy we had at the library I work at has been damaged for years and again for unknown reasons it was never replaced. Fast forward to 2017, a newly restored version of the film has been released by Criterion & Janus Films and I have finally seen it.

It was worth the wait. Funny, refreshing, and beautiful. An unlikely group of characters help Tampopo to re-imagine her noodle restaurant from a lack luster establishment into the best in town. Lots of food and film references, this was a joy to watch and even after 30 years holds up to today’s palates.


Itami was an actor, writer, and director. My next search is for his 1984 film, The Funeral.

Itami died a mysterious death in 1997.



Free Music! ~ Bali, India, Japan!

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This Sunday experience the music and dance traditions of Bali, India, and Japan.

University Taiko and Gamelan Raga Kusumu Ensembles along with University of Richmond faculty Nirmal Bajekal performing Indian sitar, and others in classical Indian dance and music. All can be seen for free at 7:30. A pre-Thanksgiving Day treat with no pilgrims.

A part of the University of Richmond Free Concert Series:
Date: Sunday, 11/20/11
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Location: Camp Concert Hall, Booker Hall of Music
Cost: Free – No Ticket Required

An American Family in Japan

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I found this blog on a page from with newly published blog entries. “Hey from Japan – Notes on Moving” is a blog about an American family just having moved to Japan and their impressions and discoveries in a new land and culture.

Unfortunately on March 11th, Japan was hit by one of the largest earthquakes in recorded history now being measured at 9.0, then the terrifyingly destructive tsunami, and now nuclear meltdowns. This is one American family’s story.

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