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Tom & Marty Band

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In the winter of 2002 the Tom and Marty Band played live at the Firehouse Theatre in Richmond Va to silent films by Georges Melies & Zecca. As of today, this was the last time they played publicly.


Musical Anthropologists Discover Strange Music.

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Buried deep in the past of this ancient southern city and from an era long ago past, Richmond Magazine has discovered strange music that used to entertain  the citizens of Richmond.

Through a variety of articles, Richmond Magazine highlights 50 bands which have had influence on the musical and cultural scene in Richmond, VA.

Some of these bands are more obscure than others.

One of the more obscure bands is one of our favorites:

The Tom & Marty Band.

Richmond Magazine has uploaded some of the various bands audio and video content for your listening pleasure.

Check out the print magazine for more detailed information.

Free Music Archives Uploads Richmond

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Here is new information from Bill the archivist!There are more Richmond bands up on the Free Music Archive.

These are some of my all-time favorites! You should give them a listen!

The Grief Birds – their only CD, “Paper Radio”

Famous Actors From Out Of Town (FAFOOT) – From their cassette release F.A.F.O.O.T.

Tom & Marty Band – The legendary 1982 cassette release, “Afraid to go to Sleep.”

Onechord Plays Tom & Marty

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The blog ONECHORD features the Tom & Marty Band.

ONECHORD has great links to bands, zines, and the independent music scene.

Artifacts/yclept Joins The 21st Century

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From the godfather of the Richmond underground music scene comes images and information that is now being featured on that now infamous internet place called…facebook.

There is a picture photo album of records, flexi dics, tapes, and unreleased cds that are connected by Richmond and the label Artifacts.

You do not have to have a facebook account or have to log in to see the album covers. The covers come from the Tom & Marty Band, Orthotonics, Bomis Prendin, Single Bullet Theory, Titfield Thunderbolt, F.A.F.O.O.T, Griefbirds, Karen Cooper Complex, and some unreleased Artifacts cds.

There is also a page with links to these bands and personalities as well as the WFMU blog entry on Bomis Prendin, Karen Cooper Complex and Artifacts Volume 1.

Don’t forget to go out and see live music featuring some of these same individuals! Here is a partial list:

Happy Lucky Combo



This Strange Little Cricket

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In 1981 the Tom and Marty Band had a couple of cuts on the Artifacts/yclept tape release, “This Strange Little Cricket.” Both songs were from their 1981 7″ vinyl EP.  The image to the left is from the front cover.

The Free Music Archive has posted this Artifacts compilation cassette tape release. Included on this release were also cuts from Rebby Sharp, Karen Cooper-Smith, Orthotonics, Idio-Savant, Bomis Prendin, Wm Burke’s Hideous Truth among others.

From the Album description on the Free Music Archive site:

“In 1981, after the release of the first two Bomis Prendin flex-discs, Wm. Burke (aka Key Ring Torch),who was living in a coat closet under the stairs at the Bomis Prendin house in Arlington, decided to put his own stamp on the Artifacts product line and assembled and distributed a cassette compilation he named, “This Strange Little Cricket.” His intention then was clearly to illustrate that Bomis Prendin wasn’t an entirely unique agglomeration, but was instead part of a larger community of likeminded mad scientists.

Here’s his evidence.”

I hope you enjoy it.

From An Error Gone By?

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Artifacts Vol.1, the red flexi-album, has made its’ way to the Free Music Archive.

Is this an artifact of Artifacts?

Visit the Free Music Archive for independently minded music from around the cosmos.

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