The Longest Hundred Miles

It was 43 years and one day ago that I moved to Richmond, VA. 100 miles from Northern Virginia which I have described many times over the years as the longest hundred miles you will ever travel. It was not the distance, not the traffic like it is now, but it was the trip back in time. Richmond was a different place in 1972 then it is today in December 2015.

I put everything I owned in my 1963 white Plymouth Valiant with a push button automatic transmission. Above is a photo of my first room in Richmond Va. I was renting a room from a friend of a friend on 8 N. Allen Avenue. It was a small room. I slept in a sleeping bag which I rolled up every morning. I made a desk out of some old wood I had brought with me. You can see records, my glass covered book shelf, my super 8 movie camera, stereo speaker, and my black note book with blank pages which I was to fill with notations, poems, drawings, and dreams.

Also in the photo is my monkey bank which I still have unlike the movie camera which was stolen from my Floyd Avenue apartment years later by my neighbor known around Richmond as “8 Ball”. He was eventually convicted of murder in a drug deal gone bad.

When I moved here in December of 1972, I did not know that I would still be here, living happy and pretty healthy 43 years later. I almost left once in 1981 but never did. I guess I am here until the end. Or course unless something better turns up.

© 2015 Kozmicdogz


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