Senior Night at Gallery 5


Upon entering Gallery 5 just as the music began, Billy Burke said to me, “Welcome to Senior Night at Gallery 5.”

A painting show by Richmond sign painter William Pickett at Gallery 5 along with a poster show of music posters printed at Richmond Graphics was the back ground for a music debut and a musical group reunion.

Barry Fitzgerald and Johnny Hott performed their premiere performance as Thing2. Poppy lyrical synth and vocals with Hott’s relentless beat.

Rebby Sharp and special guest Hannah performed roots music. Sharp on fiddle, vocals, and pump organ and Hannh on banjo and pump organ.

The highlight of the night was the group Titfield Thunderbolt’s first public performance in 40 years. Titfield Thunderbolt who years ago famously opened for Alice Cooper with Foot Fetish playing with lobster claws took the stage with no less vigor transforming themselves into the band from another planet.

Wall had his beard shaved on stage and Burke his head. Titfield Thunderbolt ended the night with their most well known song, “Born on a Wrong Planet.”  And yes they were.

Exchange overheard:

RS: “It’s so nice to see all these old faces and not be at a funeral.”

MW: “It’s still early yet.”

Photos from December 4, 2014 @ Gallery 5.


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