Three Strange Dreams in One Night


1 – Country singer Marty Stuart was playing with only a piano player named Jim, to a sparse crowd at a flea market after hours when his cult tried to capture us.  They drained the batteries of our phones so we could not call for help. They separated us and as they were grabbing me, I woke up.

2 – Soviet officials were filming us making the sign of the cross with mutli-colored beads or pills. This had to be done in a particular order. I woke up as we were asked to speed it up.

3 – An old friend said that a doctor told her she was going to have a stroke. I told her, “That’s OK, I have been feeling like I was going to have a heart attack for the last two days.” I woke up.

Bonus Dream:   I dreamt there was a gorilla on the deck.  I just caught a glimpse of it. This frightened me so I woke up.

Photo and text ©2013 Kozmicdogz


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