“As I Lay Dying”


“As I Lay Dying” today April 13, 2014 at the Byrd Theatre at 3:30pm, $5.00. After the film Richmond actor/musician Coby Batty will participate in a Q&A.

Overlooked as one of the finer releases of the year, actor/director James Franco’s adaptation of William Faulkner employs split-screen and direct address to capture the novel’s multi-perspective, Mississippi locations and fine acting to capture its voice. Furious and imperfect, As I Lay Dying (dir: Franco, 2013, 107 min) exhibits some of the raw stubborness of its characters, and independent cinema in general, in its uncompromising narrative approach. Actor Tim Blake Nelson (O Brother Where Art Thou?) shines as the head of the Bundren clan, on a cursed odyssey to bury his wife in a family plot, but there are fine performances all around—Richmond actor/musician Coby Batty, who plays farmer Gillespie, will be present for a Q & A regarding the film’s production. NY Times: “Mr. Franco has accomplished something serious and worthwhile, (his film) is certainly ambitious, but it is also admirably modest.”

Today, April 13th is the final day of the 21st Annual James River Film Festival.

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