“Inside Llewyn Davis”


Last night we went to see the new Coen Brother’s movie starring Oscar Isaac and Carey Mulligan with help from John Goodman, Justin Timberlake, and a F. Murray Abraham with friends. It was cold outside and cold on the screen. “Inside Llewyn Davis” takes place in Greenwich Village, winter 1961, Llewyn is a struggling not so nice folk singer loosely based on the real life singer songwriter Dave Van Ronk. Van Ronk’s album cover is pictured above and I think the Coen Brothers took their color palate from this cover…as well as the cat.

The stars of this film were the cars, the sets, the smoke in the coffee shop, the cold, and the cat. There were beautiful scenes while driving from New York to Chicago and back again. But Davis just can’t get a break and ends up where he started.

John Goodman, a jazz musician,  is a very large man with bangs and walking sticks is just so weird and F. Murray Abraham is powerfully present as the owner of a club in Chicago and offers Llewyn advice he can’t take. It reminded me of “A Serious Man” but darker and less fun.

His agent, the secretary, the other folk singers, his friends, everyone was so believable and the acting throughout was superb.

Go see this stripped down Coen Brother’s film. You decide for yourself.


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