Saturday Night Double Feature

Richmond has been going crazy with fun and cool stuff to do. So what did we do last night we stayed home and watched a double feature of “The Visitor” and “Junebug” while trimming the Christmas tree. We missed both films when they originally came out in the middle of the last decade, but both were fun and well worth a view.


“The Visitor” (2007), directed by Tom McCarthy (“The Station Agent“) and starring Richard Jenkins, the father from “Six Feet Under” is the story of an economics professor who recently widowed has been sliding by in his academic career and is forced by his department head to present a paper in NYC. Walter travels to the city and finds a young couple living in his apartment which he has not visited in months. He gets involved in their lives and starts a new one. Themes of immigration and loneliness.

“Junebug” (2005), directed by Phil Morrison and starring Embeth Davidtz as an outsider art gallery owner and  Amy Adams as a young pregnant woman who lives with her in-laws and whose husband is uncommunicative to the point of  hardly even being there. A nice surprise was Scott Wilson, Hershel, from the Walking Dead as the silent, yet strong father. A nice ensemble cast that looks at the dynamics of a rural North Carolina family whose oldest son has married a worldly artistic woman (Davidtz) and come to visit while trying to woo an outsider artist whose work is both a bit deranged, and fascinating.

Both films leave you with the main characters carrying on with their lives in a way that will leave you wondering what they learned. Will they be better people? I think so. A great double feature which I nominate for a weeks run at the Biograph, if it hadn’t closed in 1987.

Oh well.

Some of the cool stuff missed recently:

Crispin Glover at the Byrd, Hamaganza, RVA Krampus walk, RVA Christmas Parade, etc…but there is plenty more to come!


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