“My Gun Is Quick”


Currently I am reading Mickey Spillane’s 1950 pulp fiction novel “My Gun Is Quick.”

“The wind picked up throwing the rain around. The few pedestrians left on the sidewalks were huddled under marquees or bellowing for cabs that didn’t stop. Every time I stopped for a red light I could see the pale blur of the faces behind the glass store fronts, the water running down making them waver eerily. All with the same blank look of the trapped when nothing can be done to help.”

Private Investigator, Mike Hammer’s observations on a rainy night.


2 Responses to ““My Gun Is Quick””

  1. Sounds like a good read, will have to check that one out some time. I recently wrote a review for Spillane’s ‘One Lonely night’ for my blog – definitely try that if you haven’t already.

    Apparently, Spillane never rewrote any of his work and turned out novels in a matter of weeks. Wish I could write like that.

  2. Although I had been aware of Spillane for years, I did not actually read any of his novels until a few years ago when a good friend gave me Volume 2 of the Mickey Spillane Collection.

    The stories have been wonderful. I only have one more novel to read in Volume 1. I am saving it for a good winter read.

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