Larry L. Yates Running for House of Delagates!

Author and social activist, Larry Lamar Yates has announced his candidacy for the Virginia House of Delegates in the 29th District, which includes Winchester, VA.

This should be very interesting!

From Yates’ Facebook page last night:

Tomorrow morning, my local paper, the Winchester Star, will report that I am running for the House of Delegates (the larger house of the Virginia state legislature) as an Independent candidate. I have been working hard on this for the past couple of weeks. I have turned in all the relevant forms, and hope to hear later this week that I am officially on the ballot for November.
When I made this decision, it appeared that I would be opposing the incumbent Republican, Beverly Sherwood, running for her 11th term.

Tonight, Ms. Sherwood was defeated in the Republican primary by Dr. Mark Berg, who ran to her right. This changes the situation here in the 29th District quite radically.

I feel very much at home in the 29th District. I already have experienced amazing generosity from people in the District as we gathered signatures to put me on the ballot. It is a wonderful thing to have someone trust you enough to take you into a dozen or more kitchens and living rooms to meet their kin and their friends, or to go out and talk a couple of dozen friends on your behalf. (Thanks to folks like these, in a week we gathered more than 280 signatures to meet the 125 signature requirement.)

I would not have taken this on had I not believed I am fully prepared to be effective and useful in the House of Delegates. I am more familiar with the General Assembly and Virginia government than most “freshman” legislators, and I have a deep and rich network of people of good will who have worked with me and taught me so much over many years, here in Virginia and nationwide. I also would have not have taken this on if I did not believe this campaign would strengthen and energize people to empower themselves. “We the people” are the only real solution to the problems we face.

I will be setting up a campaign presence here and on the Web quite soon after my candidacy becomes official.

At the first campaign meeting we held, we made some agreements, including that we would take no contributions over $1,000. Of course, I am not yet in a position to take ANY financial contributions. But this campaign is going to be driven not by large contributors, but by social teachings that people of all faiths can agree on — the social teachings of Jesus in the Gospels. I believe that government has no business interfering in our spiritual lives, but government can and should be guided by values we share. Government should be helping those in need, not helping those who are building up treasure on earth. Government should be treating each person as precious, not disrespecting today’s version of the despised Samaritan.

I will have more to say soon. After I take a breath or two.


One Response to “Larry L. Yates Running for House of Delagates!”

  1. Thank you for this. Larry Lamar Yates is the Independent Green Party endorsee in the 29th district. A campaign based on Jesus social justice teaching is supported by the Independent Green Party. The Green Party was founded by American University graduate Petra Kelly on these very principles – and she often quoted Jesus in her advocacy of nonviolence.

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