Influencial Record Store Closes in NYC

A great article about the closing of a New York institution, Bleecker Bob’s Golden Oldies by Kory Grow at A record store that helped shape the music and musicians over the past 40 years in NYC.

“Nobody would give us a lease. We’ve been in business 46 years and they don’t care. ‘Do you have a guarantor? Do you have this or that paper?’ The demise, if you want to blame it on somebody, is due to the landlords in the East Village [who are asking for too much in order to sign a lease]. Our current landlord would really prefer to have us here than have somebody new move in. But the people on the east side are out of their minds. I understand if somebody is starting a business who never had a business before, but that’s not our situation. The East Village landlords didn’t seem to give a damn.”

They are being squeezed out by money and a new world.  And so another record store bites the dust.

The article records the search for a new location and the influence it has had on music and the physical challenges its’ founder Bob Plotnik faces as his store takes its place in history. There are also lots of cool photos.

Thanks to Mike Garrett for the tip via FB.


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