River Monsters!

by Kozmicdogz  © 2012

The James River – Up river from the Z Dam – by Kozmicdogz © 2012

Giant sturgeons have been spotted in the James River at the fall line. Although these giant fish have been known to swim up the river from the Atlantic Ocean by way of the Chesapeake Bay for many years, sightings have been rare and once were thought to be extinct. Ralph White and other river enthusiasts have seen the fish this year and been able to photograph them where they believe the fish have come to spawn. Those spotted were estimated to be over 6 feet. Sturgeons have been known to grow to up to fifteen feet.

More detail from a RTD article by Rex Springston and Andy Thompson.


3 Responses to “River Monsters!”

  1. According to the Nature center in Maymont, a certain breed of giant sturgeon is birthed at the fall line, swims to Bermuda for most of its life, then swims back to the Richmond fall line to spawn and die. Did not know this was rare? must read the RTD article which I admit, i haven’t.

  2. The article confirms what I learned at the nature center. Millions of years of instinct is hard to break. Also according to the Nature Center – there are 18 (as of last summer) bobcats living in Richmond along the James. A nature specialist monitors them and has names for all of them. They are rarely sighted by humans.

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