Singing Along with GriefBirds

I took a short trip to DC this weekend to visit family and there is always a brief part of the drive along I95 where there aren’t any good radios stations to listen to, and since I now have a working cd player in my car (I know how old school!) I looked through my cds.

I took along GriefBirds “paper radio.” This cd came out in 2001 on Plan 9 records and still remains one of my all-time favorites. GriefBirds was made up of Paul Watson and Coby Batty and a bunch of other Richmond musicians. I listen to this cd at least once a month and it never fails to delight.

Unfortunately this was the only release from the duo, although they both are very active musically in Richmond and New York.

Here is a link to the FMA, Free Music Archive, site with the songs if you would like to take a listen.

Amazon says they have 3 left in stock. Plan 9 may also have some.

Don’t forget to sign up for Ted Salins’ screenwriting course at JTCC. Starts August 23rd.


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