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"The Last Movie" directed by Dennis Hopper
Last night while goggling Candy Clark (don’t ask), who starred in the 1976 film by Nicholas Noeg, “The Man Who Fell To Earth” with David Bowie, I ran into this cool film blog. Money Into Light, founded in 2011, is a blog with articles and interviews with filmmakers and actors in films that maybe weren’t in the main stream, some flops, some hits, lots of favorites, and interesting films, but all worth taking a second look.

Here is the interview from April 2012 with Candy Clark, and here is part one of an article on Dennis Hopper’s “The Last Movie.” Both by Paul Rowlands

From the Money Into Light Manifesto:

The site aims to celebrate films that could be described as extraordinary in some way. These films could also be described perhaps as brilliant, underrated, lost, rare, forgotten, misunderstood…but mostly essential. MIL will also focus on the filmmakers we believe to be important and worthy of appraisal or reappraisal.


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