“Moonrise Kingdom”

Suzy and Sam consult their map!
Tuesday night we ventured out into the heat of the early evening to see Wes Anderson’s new film “Moonrise Kingdom.”

Do yourself a favor, suspend reality, and delve into the world of Sam Shakusky and Suzy Bishop who live on the imaginary island of New Penzance. Suzy has 3 younger brothers and her parents are Billy Murray and Frances McDormand. They live at Summer’s End. Sam is a Kahaki Scout  with Ed Norton leading Troop 55. Sam has no parents and no friends. put on you coonskin hat, put the canoe in the water and float around the island and have a wonderful adventure.

“Moonrise Kingdom” takes place in 1965, but it is not quite the 1965 that I remember. I would like to live on this island.

Beautiful musical motifs and music from the era, a lovely experience.

If you loved “Fantastic Mr.Fox” go see this film now. If not stay home and I don’t want to hear about it.

PS Look for a famous actor in an uncredited performance.


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