Trouble Sleeping….

Photo by Kozmicdogz

I usually have no trouble going to sleep or sleeping through the night. Like my father, sometimes I take a nap before I go to bed, but last night was different.

I awoke at 3am. I had gone to bed at around 10pm and fell asleep reading Haruki Murakami’s “1Q84.” Maybe this was why I woke up. I could not get back to sleep. I stumbled to the family room picked the book back up and read for almost an hour before I fell asleep again. This time I dreamed of zombies. We, I am not sure who we were, were armed, hiding and fighting an enemy. Was it WWII? When all of a sudden our war did not make any difference, there were zombies coming!

We joined forces with the enemy to fight our now more worse problem. We were lying on the floor of an old abandoned warehouse our weapons at our side, friend and foe, when I raised my head to get a better look and saw them coming. Zombies, moaning and crawling fast, like those robots in the “Matrix”, we all stood, our weapons at our shoulders firing and firing until I woke up.

I looked outside and saw only one moon and no zombies and felt rested.

I slept for another hour before the alarm rang and it was time to get up.


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