Hank the Cat ~ 1998-2012

Hank the Cat
Hank was a true hunter and outdoors man. He liked to stay outdoors during hurricanes and kept the vermin population down in the whole neighborhood. Hank grew up with dogs and was a special friend of Molly the dog who passed in 2009. In his later years he liked to spend more time with humans being petted and having them let him in and out of the house numerous times. When Hank wanted to come back into the house he would play the screen harp until the door was held open for him and then he would take his time entering the house with a last flick of his tail so it would not get caught in the door.

Hank was a brave cat. They say once he stood up to a coyote getting a deep wound on his neck that almost sent him to an early grave. His long black hair was often matted and he strode around the neighborhood as if he owned it. He was also know for his long stare with piercing green-yellow eyes. Hank is one of those animals that will live on long after he has passed and people will talk about him for years to come. He will be missed by all.

4 Responses to “Hank the Cat ~ 1998-2012”

  1. I’m sorry for your loss

  2. Bye Bye Hank! You was a cool cat.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about Hank! I will miss him. He was a real cat’s cat, and I liked him a lot. What a lovely obituary for him.

  4. Thanks for the soulful thoughts and cards. Hank has left a hole in our hearts.

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