No Power ~ Day 7

We are getting close to the length of time we were out for Isabel. Irene was no Isabel and we saw armies of DVP trucks driving around then. I haven’t seen any in my neighborhood. And now there is no estimate for when power will be restored. DVP definitely underestimated the impact on the grid Irene would have in the Richmond area.

We are one of those blue dots.


2 Responses to “No Power ~ Day 7”

  1. Hope you have some luck soon, that cold shower deal is getting tired I bet. We were lucky enough to had planed on leaving town way before the storm happened. I still have a top of a tree dangling in the fiber optic line over my power shed studio that I’m still worried about, but can wait until the rest get power back. GOOD LUCK!

    In the meantime :

  2. On top of everything else I just noticed Ellwoods Cafe is closing on the 11th (SAD)…..

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