Willow Lawn Unplugged

Willow Lawn, Richmond’s first shopping mall, is changing itself again.


10 Responses to “Willow Lawn Unplugged”

  1. Conservative Republican Says:

    In a free market, it should be up to a business to ensure profitability without sarcastic, liberal whining from anti-business Marxists like you.

  2. Conservative Republican Says:

    If those dummies at The Virginia Museum Of Marxist Art had any brains, they’d put that latte whale right here in that space where it may actually fit. But that would involve logic and lefties don’t know the meaning of the word.

  3. I don’t think I’ve taken a Xanax in about a year but reading these comments and watching our government operate lately has me considering it.

  4. I always thought it was interesting that Willow Lawn was built just outside of the city limits.
    The Willow Lawn Theater which is no longer and I think had one of the largest screens in the Richmond area.

  5. King of the Gypsies with Eric Roberts was my favorite film I saw there. I also miss that lone theater up on Broad not to far away, next to the ice cream parlor. We saw The Social Network last night courtesy of the Richmond Public Libraries. I love all the old movie houses around us but The Bow Tie is the only one I don’t leave with out a back ache. I can only manage one film at the Byrd during the Film Festivals because of this problem.

  6. The theatre you are referring to was the Broad Street Cinema. I saw “Taxi Driver” & “Apocalypse Now” there for the first time.

    Here is a site with info on some (but not all) of Richmond Theatres.

  7. Thanks, you reminded me to go back and photograph this again :


  8. Followed your link above to this :


    I remember a fellow student taking pictures of Blaze Starr performing at the LEE. I also remember something about Russ Meyers “The Immortal Mr. Teas” being the first naughty or X movie to be shown in town? Wish I had a copy of Mud Honey.

  9. Thanks for the link to the Lee Art! VCU has done a nice job. I will tell you my memories of the Lee Art at a later time!

  10. I went to a Burlesque show there one time and found it interesting while ignoring the creepy audience. I’d been drinking beer earlier so my trip to the rest room was more than I bargained for. Dirt Woman and some other large creature of similar size were hanging out in there. I had always been respectful to these icons before so they let me be, thank god. I’ve seen Dirt Women terrorize people he didn’t like. WHEW! I guess these people were sort of bouncers for the place?

    I wish I had been smart enough to had traded a print with my VCU student that had photographed Blaze Starr. Diane Arbus did a cool photo of her. I think it was a John Heroy class, I really liked him!

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