Afraid to go to Sleep!

As a child I was afraid of the water,
I was afraid of the zoo,
I was afraid we were going to move,
I was afraid the Virgin Mary would appear to me.

I was Afraid to go to Sleep.


4 Responses to “Afraid to go to Sleep!”

  1. Conservative Republican Says:

    I’m afraid of socialists under my bed!
    I’m afraid of homosexual thoughts in my head.

  2. Conservative Republican Says:

    By the way, St. Mary doesn’t visit Godless liberals.

  3. For years I had no Fear, As I’ve aged anxiety has been creeping back. I blame it on the side effects the many Rx’s my GP has me on for cholesterol, blood pressure, or asthma. I thought kids doing downers back in the day, idiots. Xanax has saved my wife and I’s bacon during some of these troubled years. I know some people who use this stuff to sleep, which I reply, “I don’t have any trouble sleeping, it’s the awake part”. Ain’t drugs wonderful!

    p.s. We watched the Cohen Bros TRUE GRIT last night and really liked seeing a liberal hippie playing Rooster than that dang Republican John Wayne.

  4. I loved the scene in “True Grit” when Jeff Bridges carries the young woman on his horse to reach someplace to get help. It was amazing!

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