Coby Gets Some Love From Style

Style Weekly photo of Coby Batty by Ash Daniel.

Richmond’s Style Magazine Brent Baldwin talks to Coby Batty about the Fugs and acting.


4 Responses to “Coby Gets Some Love From Style”

  1. Conservative Republican Says:

    Coby Batty and Brent Baldwin are both socialists who hate America. The Fugs were subversive and caused millions of young Americans to grow beards and be addicted to reefer. Why do you publish this trash?

  2. I’ve never known Coby to be altered on anything, just pure talent and one of the nicest men you would ever meet.

    “Addicted to reefer” is pure myth I quit years ago because it aggravated my asthma too much and there was no withdrawal. I do however still smoke tobacco in moderation and have no plans in stopping. I don’t think I can (now that’s an addict).

    I don’t know how anybody could be a Republican after 8 years of GWB’s irreparable damage to our grand Republic. History will show we might have had a chance with Al Gore. READ : The ASSAULT ON REASON

  3. Conservative Republican Says:

    I’m not sure what GWB stands for, but in HIS 8 years, President Bush lowered tax rates, brought democracy to Iraq and the number of hard working millionaires doubled.

  4. Nothing personal, I just wanted to even out the claptrap since I enjoy this blog.

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