David Stover – The Bee King

Hayley DeRouche interviews our favorite musical preacher David Stover and others about bees and beekeeping at RVANEWS:

Stover replied that he was “reading the morning paper and in the home and garden section, there was information about a bee workshop, and I told my wife ‘I think I’d like to do that’. Then I never acted on that. Exactly a year later, there was another ad for another bee workshop, and when I mentioned it to my wife, she laughed and said, ‘Oh yeah right, you’re going to do that!’ so I signed up…and the rest is history!”

Here for a portrait by Willie Anne Wright of Stover taking a photo of bees!

6 Responses to “David Stover – The Bee King”

  1. I followed some of your links and found this that I’m not sure about ???


    p.s. sorry I’m off thread but this was too interesting.

  2. kozmicdogz Says:

    it says they are fluent in chicken!

  3. Ted Salins Says:

    This story is hard to bee – lieve.

  4. Sorry, been out of town. Apparantly urban legend or art???

    This is the free mp3 on site. Very curious!

  5. Thanks, Otway!

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