Hazel Dickens – RIP

Hazel Dickens, singer, songwriter from West Virginia passed away on April 22nd, 2011. Dickens was known for songs about mining and the hardships of growing up poor in West Virginia. You can hear Dickens on the sound tracks of Barbara Kopple’s “Harlan County, U.S.A.” and John Sayles’ “Matewan.”

Hazel Dickens would have been 86 years old on June 1st.

Thanks to Rebby Sharp for the info.


3 Responses to “Hazel Dickens – RIP”

  1. Thanks for posting this! I have the honor of knowing some of these proud mountain people through marriage and their grace is very humbling, not to mention their music is some of our treasures of our young nation that is felt down to your bones.

  2. kozmicdogz Says:

    Thanks for the video. That was fantastic.

  3. Ted Salins Says:

    Meeting and hearing her at the Folk Festival a few years ago was a joy. She suffered no fools when it came to George W. Bush and anti-union sentiment. A true American fighter for justice.

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