Not Picking Oscar Winners!

There has been a plethora of good movies out lately. Here are my favorites in order which I liked them:

1  “True Grit”

2  “Winter’s Bone”

3  “Black Swan”

4  “The King’s Speech”

5  “Tron”

6  “The Social Network”

And this morning a friend called and said that “127 Hours” beats them all!

The Oscars are on February 27th.


One Response to “Not Picking Oscar Winners!”

  1. Conservative Republican Says:

    Anyone who thinks that Commie, pinko Jeff Bridges gives a better performance than John Wayne is having an LSD flashback. Wayne is one of our greatest actors AND Americans. “The Social Network”? Should be called “The Socialism Nutwork”.!

    You clearly know nothing about movies.

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