Vivian Maier – Photographer

Some stories are almost too amazing to be true. Vivian Maier who passed away in 2009 was a nanny who lived in Chicago, New York, and France. She was also a photographer. She took thousands and thousands of photographs on the streets of Chicago and on her trips abroad. But from all accounts she never shared her photographs or her passion with anyone.

Shortly before her passing boxes of her negatives, prints, books, and cameras were sold at auction and purchased by John Maloof. Since purchasing her photographs, John has found more of Maier’s art and has been discovering all he can about her life.

With Maloof’s help, along with others, the world will be able to see some of Maier’s photographs at the Chicago Cultural Center, running from Jan 8, 2011 to April 3, 2011. Follow some of the links below to explore Maier’s amazing story as a discreet, yet prolific street photographer.

Thanks to Amy Crehore, who thanked Raleigh Powell!

Vivian Maier Her Work Discovered
Vivian Maier Photography
Kitchen Sisters
Chicago Tonight News Story


6 Responses to “Vivian Maier – Photographer”

  1. BIG Thanks! I’ve found small items about to be junked but not like this. We are lucky a person like John Maloof found this archive. That show “Hoarding” shows the ugly side and probably will cause detriment to collections such as these. I’m proud to say I personally enjoy having this disorder and although it’s not extreme enough to make TLC, I’m sure Oprah would want to rearrange the archive.

    Thanks again for sharing this treasure!

  2. kozmicdogz Says:

    Yes, I found this story to be truly amazing!

    I know we cannot keep everything, but it makes me wonder how much art has been lost over the years….

  3. Ted Salins Says:


  4. […] is a blog post I wrote a blog post about Vivian Maier in January […]

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