“Micmacs” a film by Jean Pierre Jeunet

Last week we went to the Westhampton Theatre and watched the new film by Jean Pierre Jeunet, “Micmacs.” This is Jeunet’s take on arms dealers set in the future, or more probably a fantasy world not unlike our own. It is the story of Bazil, played by Dany Boon, who is looking for the men who caused his father’s death. It was fascinating, funny, and poignant. You should try and catch this in the theatres before it disappears. “Micmacs” reminded me more of “Delicatessen” and “The City of Lost Children,” then Jeunet’s other more well know films. “Micmacs” also stars Julie Ferrier and Dominique Pinon.

And then this past week we watched, “The City of Lost Children” a collaboration by Jeunet and comicbook artist Marc Caro. Visually stunning, it was filmed on a set built inside two huge airplane hangers. The film stars Ron Perlman, as One, a circus strongman who becomes the protector of the lost children who are led by Miette (Judith Vittet). A great Saturday night viewing at home experience.

Jeunet  other films include:  “Delicatessen,” 1991 (with Marc Caro); “the City of Lost Children,” 1995 (with Marc Caro);  Amelie, 2001; A Very Long Engagement, 2004; and now MicMacs, 2009 (French title: “Micmacs tire-larigot”).

It’s hot out, go out to a movie today!


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