Huguenot Bridge Taking A Break…but not literally!

This weekend the Huguenot Bridge will be closed. I guess the heat has gotten to it. The bridge will be closed from 7:30 am Friday, the morning of the 9th, until late Monday evening.

Still holding up!

From the VDOT site:

The Huguenot Memorial Bridge was constructed in 1949. It’s considered a major transportation artery over the James River connecting Richmond city limits to the south and Henrico County to the north via Huguenot Road (Route 147). It carries more than 28,000 vehicles per day on average.

The bridge is one lane in each direction with a pedestrian sidewalk and no shoulders.

The bridge is inspected every 12 months and an underwater inspection is conducted every five years. In July 2007, the deck, superstructure and substructure were rated as poor. The August 2006 underwater inspection rated the footings as fair. Even with these less than optimal ratings, the bridge is structurally sound and can accommodate normal traffic.

You can see some previous repairs here.

This looks like it could be a problem...

Construction is due to begin in the Fall of 2010. There is a nice drawing of the sleek new bridge on the VDOT site.


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